Upgrade to Windows 10 ceased to be free

Upgrade to Windows 10 ceased to be free (at least so says Microsoft, which nevertheless left one way totally free to upgrade to the “tens”) and for this case the analytical company Net Applications has prepared a fresh report which tells how was the integration of the new OS over the past 12 months.

According to recent reports, Windows 10 operating system installed on 21.12 percent of computers worldwide. Windows 7 still occupies the first place in popularity with a share of 47.01 percent.As you can see from the graph, Windows 7 few lost users dropped from 50 percent for the first time), but Windows 10 is still far behind the leader and likely the new OS will take time in order to capture the championship. When you consider that even the possibility of a free upgrade the bulk of users to upgrade to the new OS, it is unlikely to expect any radical changes soon. The growth of the transition likely to slow even more.

Microsoft hopes that businesses will soon begin active transition to Windows 10, as many large companies have already stated about the readiness of Windows 7 and 8.1. Most of them are waiting for update Anniversary Update, which should appear in the access is already tomorrow.Returning to the chart, note that Windows XP still ranks third most used operating system in the world. It accounts for 10.34% of all computers in the world. Next comes Windows 8.1 from 7.80 percent.

Windows 10 managed to increase its presence by almost 2 percent this past July (when the rate was 19.14%). Most likely, affected the approach of promotion free updates. One of the changes, Microsoft released the new build of Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the reduction of the time-period return to previous version of OSes. This solution will be able to quickly free up disk space from the old systems on devices of users, which is especially important for tablets. Microsoft already confirmed the change, as statistics say, most of the rollbacks happening in the first days after the update, so a month is a long time.

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