openSUSE Asia Summit 2018

Yes, it was my third public speech and it was my first trip overseas, it was begun when my friend from openSUSE Asia Summit committee Max Huang Informed me that one of my proposals was accepted to be presented in that event.

I was born in August, so it was a great birthday present that I went to Taipei to attend the most biggest Information and Technology Event in Asia, I went by plane with other friends from Jakarta, with direct flight to Taipei, It was nice airline that we used.

Just another tourist
My Journey mates from Jakarta

My First trip in Taipei was a Journey to Taipei Grand Mosque from my hostel, It was a wonderful journey to use Taipei MRT, it was so easy and comfort event for a tourist like me who can not speak mandarin at all. I just need to walk along the street if there is no public transport supported, yes I’ve been walking a long way, but it doesn’t matter to me, because the sidewalk is friendly for people like me.

As a muslim, we have to pray at Mosque every friday, so after the prayer, I and some of Indonesian friend decided to walk to SuSE Taiwan office, and it was another long road.

In SuSE office, we had been awaited by our friends including Max Huang, Fuminobu Takeyama, and the others. We discussed a lot of things at there before we had an dinner invitation with my LibreOffice Asia mates.

From SuSE office, we had dinner with friends from LibreOffice Asia Community, and we came to welcome party organized by the COSCUP committee.

Meetup at SuSE Taiwan Office
I got selfie photo in SuSE Office
Welcome Party

What a crowd, I was amazed that a lot of people would attend the event, mostly they were young people. Actually I wanted to learn in Ansible Workshop by Max Huang, unfortunately he presented in Mandarin.

At night we have BoF (Birds of a Feather) event, from Indonesia we had to present a proposal for the host for next openSUSE Asia Summit, how about dinner? Yes we had muslim friendly dinner from our friends.

Another Selfie at NTUST
Max Huang Workshop with Ansible
A lot of food at BoF
Small reunion with Max Lin, I last met him two years ago at Jogjakarta

Yes, it was my day because I presented my paper, nervous? Not really. And the presentation is good, I made a friendship with other participants. At these event I presented How to use Ansible in Dicoding, where I use to work, with this tool, we can cut the deployment time from about 2–3 hours to only 30 minutes, and it has made our works more easy and simple.

And after my speech event, I gained new friends from other countries like Japan, China and Korea.

As the speaker in openSUSE Asia Summit 2018
Mohammad Rifki Affandi Zarkasyi, another young man from our country and it was his first time to be a speaker in openSUSE Asia Summit
Shinji Enoki, from LibreOffice Japan

And we had group photos with participants from Gnome and openSUSE, and yes it was me who always make different styles.

That man with mermaid style? Yes, it was me
Group photos with Shinji Enoki and DaeHyun Sung

After closing ceremony we went to ximending night market, for buying some souvenirs, and I with my roommate continued to go to Underground Taipei City Mall for another shopping.

Me with my friend from China

Next day, we had a tour to National Palace Museum, we learn about history of China in this place, I also saw a post office in the museum, it’s a rarely thing in our country.

We saw jadeite cabbage, a spectacular work of art, ancient paintings, and many works of art collected by this museum, and we got stories about rooster painting in a bowl which is a king’s love story against his nanny, no it is not like the rooster painting in our country.

All one day tours in front of the museum

After from Museum, we went to Taipei 101, from this place we can see the view of Taipei, and learn how Taipei 101 stabilized the building from wind with the wind damper, and we went up to 89th floor by fastest elevator in the world, it only took several minutes to go up and down with the elevator

From Taipei 101 we went to Taipei city mall, of course some of us had buy action figures from there, after that we had last dinner with my friends Franklin Weng and Eric Sun from LibreOffice Taiwan, it was a wonderful dinner, because all the foods is safe for us to eat.

After dinner I had to go to the hotel to pack my baggage and leave to the airport, because I had to go with early flight to Indonesia, my home country, unfortunately I had miss the last train, so I went to airport by bus, difficult? no, the buses in Taipei are similarly like the MRT, it is so comfort to go by bus in there.

Last dinner with LibreOffice Taiwan Team, Franklin Weng with his kids and Eric Sun

Dicoding, the place where I am working there, and the place where I gain new knowledge, thanks for supporting me in this event.

Sepatu fans, yes in this trip I wore shoes from sepatu fans, where I got it when I participated in the same event two years ago in Jogjakarta.

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