I am a failure… I am perfect

There are two main schools of thoughts on the topic of failure. One believes, we never fail as long as we can learn from our failures and grow from them. For those people, failures are just experiences. The other school says that when we fail we should acknowledge it in order to learn from those failures and grow from them.

In my opinion, they both say the same thing. Failures, no matter how we call them, are what make us better.

Does that mean we should embrace failure? Well, in my opinion the answer is yes! You don't have to agree with me but sometimes I celebrated my failures because I knew the aftermath was going to be a better version of myself. However, do not fail for the sake of failing or because I said so. The goal is never to fail, instead it is to succeed but you'll hardly learn from your successes. So before you embrace my philosophy about failure, there are two very essential ingredients you should always carry with you: “courage” and “the will to learn from your experiences”.

I understand that it can be quite hard to visualize failure as a path to success so here’s a little story and hopefully you can relate to it.

At the age of 6, I considered myself too cool for training wheels. I wanted to ride my older brother’s bike, yeah you know, the one with only two wheels. So, I got on it and I could barely keep my balance. Fast forward 5 seconds later, yup you read that right I didn’t last much, I was on the ground with the bike on top of me but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I got back up. This time I had a plan. I got on the bike but instead of trying to ride it right away, I stretched my legs as much as I could so that the tip of my big toes kept me in balance as I was tipping left and right. That was my first step toward riding a big boy’s bike. By the end of the same day, my knees had tasted the ground a few times to say the least but you know what? I was now riding that bike. I had done it but only because I learned from every single fall.

As ridiculous as my story might have sounded, it narrates how we fail so we could succeed. From our childhood, you and I were told we had to be amazing, that only successes mattered. We have been programmed by society to only celebrate our achievements. Well guess what? We both had to fall, we both had to find ways to become better, we both had to get injured, we both had to cry, we both had to go through those so-called failures in order to find ourselves riding like big boys and girls against the wind in laughter! Yes, we had to fail to be perfect. Trust me, since then I had failed many times but I've never made the same mistake twice.

So, go ahead, do not fear failures! They will happen, they will happen because they are part of your success story.

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