3 Mistakes that Every Android Developer Does

An efficient developer is the one who polishes his skills every time with the introduction of a new technology in the market. This is helpful in meeting the requirements of consumers. Also, the demand for excellent android developers has become a necessity for the mobile app development companies. Therefore, you should know your strengths and weaknesses as a developer. If you want to be a professional in the development field, then you have to realize the mistakes that you can do.

Not creating a mobile adaptable application

As a developer, you should know that there are several devices that have launched in the market, so, an app needs to be compatible with any android device. You have to think about the new and effective ways to make an android application compatible. You can add XML, 9-patch drawable and independent pixels to make your android application adaptable to any android device. Most of the Mobile app development services believe to accomplish the consumer needs by making it adaptable.

Battery Consumption

No user likes to charge their phone frequently, especially during traveling. Users like those Android applications whose battery does not drain while accessing multiple apps at a time. You can use it as the crucial point while developing an android based application. Analyze and optimize the application so that an Android mobile device handles the memory used by applications.

User Friendliness

Most of the android applications fail to get good reviews in the market due to the lack of user functionalities. While developing an android application, follow the heuristic principles that will allow you to design an interactive mobile application. User Friendliness is the major factor in attracting consumers for purchasing an android application.

A developer should keep himself updated with the technological advancements. It helps to have a business growth and also you can enhance your development skills. If you are developing an android application, you can keep in mind the above-discussed mistakes that usually happen.