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In this new scenario, The fictional Daily Health Conference want us, pupils UX/UI, to design an app about wellness. The field covers a large scale of interests: stress levels, water intake ,mental wellness, or even sleep quality. But what is the most debating topic in the world? You get it, it’s food.

healthy food

For this last project group, I am with Sarah. We have 15 years of difference. Not the most large difference from the Ironhack class but let’s just say that my experience will help to drive and manage the project in time / priorisation and Sarah youth pep, insights and abilities in graphic design will be a great combination. We didn’t have a lot of debates or voting during decision. We found a good balance in the end.

So let’s go back to the subject. Everyone has basically an opinion on food. But why did we chose food? Actually, I missed the brief because I was on Bachelor Party duty(that’s on me)! I found out the day after that I was pairing with Sarah and she already had chose the theme Food, nutrition and health which is quite fine by me, I love talking about food actually. As I said, it’s the most common subject of discussion in the world and every social classes of any ages talk about food. So, we might find a lot of contents about it, institutionals and factuals.

The research

First thing first, we began with research. We use the work of Global Wellness Institute research: “Healthy eating, nutrition & weight loss”. Food has always been an important aspect of daily living, and the pandemic has launched a new wave of interest in cooking, eating, and nutrition. The institute said that we have become more aware that a healthy diet helps your body to get immunity, reduces risk factors, and fortifies our natural defenses. And, even though our awareness of the food-health connection has grown, our eating habits did not really become healthier. Now, many of us are trying to lose the weight we gained during the height of the pandemic.

Global Wellness Institute : Healthy eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss

People, especially French people, have particulary used nutrition scan app the last few years. And on French medias, the question of healthy food has never been that trending. So, we conduct interviews with people who have more or less opinions on food. The insights were interesting too. For example, they said,

  • The diet I had, help me to understand the importance of nutrition
  • I use Weight Watchers program to lose weight
  • I eat the healthier possible but for sport activities, I had to do a diet
  • I prefer the taste than the healthiness. Diet is only about restrictions

We also had a survey about eating habits. More than 80 people answered it. With half of them having a diet. Main reason is for losing weight. 80% cook at home but 25% of people think it’s difficult to eat healthy.

We didn’t manage to have a specialist in food and health. But we looked for articles and a expert of nutrition has emerged from this research. Serge Hercberg, professor in University of Paris Sorbonne, helped the French Govermnent to ask food company to add nutrition label on their product (Nutri-score, from A, good product, to E, bad product). To sum up, he’s saying that “people want to cook more but they have to find time” and “Apps and nutrition labels are inciting people to eat healthier”.

With all these qualitative and quantitative datas, we can shape a user persona and set the scene for his/her/they own journey and decide for a problem.

A solution for Léana ?

Léana, 36y

So, we create Léana, a fictional character who will be our persona archetype. Léana has a goal to lose weight. One of her need is to do a diet. But she has some frustrations too: diet are strict and it’s also difficult to find new idea on meals. At one critical moment in her journey, she feels a bit hungry. She only had a salad during lunch. She goes for a Snicker bar. Instantly regrets it. Why did she choose salad for lunch and not something fitter for the rest of the afternoon ? Léana wants to be more in control of her consumption. In the end, the problem that we went with was “How the user can manage to eat better everyday in order to lose weight without constraint ?”.

With Sarah, we decide to do a Worst Idea for the ideation. This is the results we had:

  • You are writing everything you eat in a day. It will estimate the calories you ate. If you put a nutri score code bar, il will give you a score of the day too
  • Community of user app active whith his trophee on the profile, the number of weight loss. For support and solidarity, can share her tips or recipes . With this user dont feel alone in his fight
  • Everytime you use your credit card to a selected food shop you got an alert from the app (“you shouldn’t eat that for your health!”)

At the end, we go with something fun, precise and modern at the same time. A “Tinder app” but for food nutrition. First, you enter what you like and what are your objectives. And then, you swipe right if you want to cook / eat that meal. Swipe left if you don’t want to. You do that for a whole week. Now we have wrap up the research on User EXperience, we can shift to the creation of User Interface.



We started by thinking of the user flow. We wanted something simple and straight forward. It begins with the first screen with informations registration. The user enter height, weight, age, the goal (losing weight or stabilize), food diet (vegan, omnivore, flexitarian…). You validate the informations and you land on the Tinder-like feature where you swipe left and right to fill your week menu (and don’t feel the frustration). Then, a recap menu where you can edit if you want to make change for tasty reasons or anything else. Finally, you will have some charts in the Profile tab where you can update your weight changes and also have a recap on your calories. You will be able to delete your account to. Feel free to do it and you will be redirected at the start screen.

Prototyping and styles

And then the middle fidelity prototype was made. We split two screens each to do. I took the first screen and profile. Sarah imagined the swipe meals and the recap meals menu. We did usability test too. At first, we added much more features, like a “points” gamification score. By completing challenge (“Drink 1.5L water” or “Walk 20min”), you will win points and access to more things. But we were too ambition at the moment and as we were told we had to focus on the MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The most simple and single feature to your app to work on. That’s why we definitely made the swipe food our main viable feature. After agreeing on that, we can go on with moodboard and style guides. I let Sarah and her creativity to decide for us.


Our main color would be yellow and blue, followed by a egg white color. We wanted something like one pure material (blue), concrete (gray) and organic (yellow). We were a bit skeptical at first for the blue and yellow because honestly it looks like a hommage to Ikea. We need to put bigger buttons and for the fonts too. We try to use shape to indicate some of the main buttons selected too. I try to do a spinner loading page but my graphic skill are still a bit green so we use a plugin. And we have changed the color of the spinner to be in adequation to our style guide. We put a background with hand drawn food which give some playful vibe to the app. We couldn’t made a real finger gesture swip left / swip right for the picking menu but the result is consistent, so. Last but not least, the high fidelity prototype can be official.

Style tiles

We have thought for the next steps and there are a lot of stuff to think about. Like a potential name and logo but it can be a marketing decision. The features that were postponed but the MVP was the priority. And, we haven’t worked on a responsive solution, we still have to grow our skills on constraints. With only 10 days of work, we manage to conduct a project with a simple MVP but enough realistic and answering the requirements of this last group Ironhack assignment. Next, final project!



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