5 Mind Blowing Facts About Cloud Computing in Australia

Here we have listed interesting facts about cloud computing in Australia.

Gone are the days when cloud computing was the buzzword for most of the business in Australia. Time has changed now.

Australia has witnessed a tremendous rise in cloud services and demand as well over the past few years.

Cloud computing is popular among small to mid-size businesses for many reasons. Since information is processed and stored over the Internet, you don’t need to purchase expensive servers, HDDS and other devices. It means that it saves you cost, space and hassles of keeping staff. All you need an Internet enabled PC to access your vendor’s site. According to Queensland’s Business page, cloud computing “offers many benefits to a business. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today’s business environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets), access to your data is even easier.”

Here we have come up with some interesting facts about the progress of cloud computing in Australia.


According to Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2017, the number of cloud computing services has risen from 19 precent to nearly 1/3rd in just one year. The survey by ABS further reveals that nearly one in five Australian businesses were on the cloud in 2013–14, meaning that 20% businesses were using cloud. This number reached to 31% in 2015–16, meaning that almost 1/3 of businesses was on cloud.

However, Frost and Sullivan Reports claims that Australia has 80% cloud adapted small businesses.


A recent article published in Forbes states that Australia can be the next “global leader” in public cloud adoption.

Cloud Based Software Products are Popular among Aussies

According to ABS, 85% businesses opt for cloud based software products for their operations. The next most used cloud service is storage which is used by 60% businesses in Australia.

Australia Has Billion Dollar Cloud Computing Market

Given the ever increasing demand of cloud services among businesses, cloud computing market in Australia has flourished over the years.

According to the The Telsyte Australian Infrastructure & Cloud Computing Market Study 2017, Australian businesses are increasing their spending on public cloud infrastructure as a Service. The same report has forecasted that the cloud computing will be $1.049 billion market by 2020.

Cloud Computing Has Significant Impact on Australian Economy

Based on the key findings of Australian Information Industry Association research report, shifting to the cloud platform can minimize the ICT capital and operation expenditures by up to 25 precent and 50 precent respectively. This huge reduction in the cost will be translated into an improved GDP.

So these are some interesting facts about cloud computing in Australia. On the basis of these facts, it can be said that cloud computing will dominate the digital landscape of Australia over the next years.