Triumph Tiger 800 XC Redesigned and Pricing

Being reintroduced for 2016 new model year, for Triumph Tiger 800 XC quite nearly to carryover from 2014 model, with certain few changes also improvements, the WP replacing Showa suspension from 2014 also brand new for 2016, in where the XC already redesigned cowls in deflect hot air just from radiator out away of rider.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC Chassis
The Triumph Tiger 800 XC provides as likely Triumph’s off-road-centric adventure model that need tough rolling chassis in handle such in common terrain, started by trellis frame for such torsional rigidity that guard on radiator also engine oil sump for kind of protection from any damages. Factory strove in strike to the balance in between of agility also control no matter on tarmac also for some far-flung trail.

For its suspension also possess the off-road treatment with certain WP products by front also rear, in opposed to Showa suspension for its adventure siblings the XR, just tune compression up also rebound damping for such tough 43mm, the inverted front forks through click-adjusters over caps, plus rear shock that comes along with rebound also hydraulic preload adjustment for dial in in term of changing loads also conditions.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC Drivetrain
The Triumph Tiger 800 XC powered by liquid-cooled, the fuel-injected 800 cc also inline triple by 95 ponies over 9,250 rpm also 58.3 pound-feet over 7,850 rpm. For rev limiter kicking over 10 grand even to make you capable in wind this thing just like boss. Ride-by wire throttle will connect directly of right wrist electronically to engine also to traction control feature of monitors wheel speeds, will intervene at times demanded in prevent rear wheel spinout also preserve the lateral traction stability which encountered to need no more dreaded lowsiders over bike. These all contro systems to be contributing for 65 mpg fuel economy also will assist to meet stringent emissions demand.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC Pricing
The MSRP over 2016 Tiger 800 XC is about $12,399 at color choices of Crystal White and Phantom Black, the Triumph will cover your Tiger 800 XC in 2-year unlimited mileage warranty also about 12 month unlimited mileage warranty by replacement parts.