If Hong Kong were to be described in one word, that word would be “industrious”. Given the choice, this city would not stay still for even a moment — and why would it? There’s money to be made and it’s not going to make itself.

Here’s how you can be more like one of Hong Kong‘s hardworking locals — without ever stepping foot outside your home.

Scoff Down Some Food at Cafe de Coral

Otherwise known in Hong Kong as “work fuel”, eating in Hong Kong is not — and should not be — about pleasure. Like everything else in this city, to eat is to compete.


Elise Wortley set out to recreate the 14-year journey of Alexandra David-Néel.

Alexandra David-Néel, in Tibet 1933 | © Wikicommons

In 1911, Alexandra David-Néel set off on a 14 year journey. She became the first western woman to visit Lhasa and to meet the Dalai Lama. Her adventures inspired countless others to pick up their bags and see the world, including Elise Wortley, who last year decided to literally follow the footsteps of the legendary explorer. She recounts her version of Alexandra David-Néel’s trek through the Himalayas.

“I would wake up in my home‐made tent with frost all over the inside of the tarpaulin and covering my blankets. There was so much ice, that the blankets actually cracked every time…

Siukei Cheung

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