Siva and Agriculture

About 2 years ago I had gotten my admit into MBA school, I though this was my childhood dream to study in top 10 school. By this time my pre-MBA had stolen 2 years of my life but little did I know that the dream had ended once I got an admit not getting the degree or studying. Lost and frustrated I went back to my safe place, Rashim(My social work mother, she never losses patience irrespective of how many times I fail in social work) we discussed what next. After some talking since I was interested in Basic needs, we came to a conclusion to work on Agriculture and restarting the Agri cell of AID in the process. Thus started my journey of Agriculture…

It all has to start with this video. It was such a slap in the face that I was shaken awake.

After this wake up call I watched a series of videos by P.Sainath, Vandana Siva, Dr Ramu and Revathi. All these videos gave me the ABCD of the Agrarian Crisis.

These videos thought me how industrial agriculture lies in the core of all these issues. How it has increased the input cost of agriculture forcing farmers to take loans to accommodate the increasing cost. It has also made the land lose its nutrients over the years because of excess fertilizer and pesticide usage leading to decreasing yield of the land. Frustrated by all these a farmer either leaves his land to a city (urban migration)or leaves this world (farmers suicide).

With this understanding I started to dig deeper on the agriculture projects AID had worked on. I worked on 2 major projects

These projects gave me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and change even though is a long and tedious process is possible. I prepared a chronology of the events that has taken place in both the projects and turned in to AID for further analysis. I saw that it had taken about 3 years for things to change in both this projects and even after 7 years of AIDs involvement in these projects is move of a need than a want. There are still a lot of work to be done.

I moved on for a year not knowing what else to do and started my MBA. A year into my MBA, I am soul searching and have come back to agriculture. My goal for the next few months is take the next step and dive deeper and understand the agriculture policies that are present and the root cause of the existing situation of the Farmers.

Even though we seem to know the solution to the problem and see it being successfully implemented in certain places why are we not able to implement it as a country. Where is the so called public and private partnership failing to implement this solutions? What are the Farmers going through who are in the center of this issue being?

I personally believe the answers are in the policies and the implementation of the programs and I wish to explore this theory in the coming days….