Is buying a row house expensive in Bangalore?

The fast paced city of Bangalore offers many good amenities and facilities for a well developed lifestyle coupled with luxury and pleasure. Housing sector of Bangalore is one such developed sector which has witness a high rise in the demand of different types of houses including the beautiful row houses. The row houses are terraced houses which are arranged in a continuous row and attached to one another by a common wall. The row houses have front, rear and good interior open spaces. These types of houses were a popular property years ago and now have again arrived in trend with many people looking forward to investing in them. In tech city Bangalore, the row houses and bungalow in Bangalore have grown in trend and are most sought after properties in today’s time. It is seen as a luxury statement by many people and a necessity for people with huge families who look forward to staying together. The row houses are not much expensive and are much affordable in comparison to the villa properties.

Individual House In Bangalore

The row houses are generally batched together in a minimum count of three, though they can increase. The popularity of row houses has grown in the past few years with the parentage increasing to around 42% in demand. Also the demand of these houses have increased among the families which have an annual income of around 20–30 lakhs each year. As villa properties are priced too high and beyond the dream of the mid level professionals, row house in Bangalore is a favourable option as they also define the new luxury concept of housing. Row houses are also seen as a good option for upgrading the lifestyle of the people and are more sought after in comparison to the apartments.

Bangalore has a number of row house properties located across the city. Most of these are located towards the northern Bangalore along the good Sarjapur road, Kanakapura road and also towards the Mysore road. Around 80% of the total row house properties are located in these places and are built by efficient developers who aim at providing people a good and affordable luxurious property. There are both 3BHK and 4BHk row houses available for the buyers of this property. With the row houses becoming more and more popular, in the few years from now this property is expected to hold onto around 5% of the premium housing in Bangalore. In addition to row houses, there are villas in Bangalore, apartments, flats, furnished residential houses located across the sprawling city of Bangalore.