Single and looking for rental apartment in Mumbai?

Being single and finding a cozy rental option in Mumbai don’t often go together. There are a lot of bachelors searching for rented property options in cities. But most of them are finding it difficult to get proper places, just because, most housing societies insist of giving out properties on rent for families only. If you are a woman, the chances dwindle even more sharply! NO wonder, youngsters are finding it difficult to get decent accommodation close to their office / work place, even though there are lot of options for rented properties available in India.

Here are 5 tips for single individuals looking for rental apartment in Mumbai. These tips are from the property experts at, India’s largest online real estate marketplace, and are intended to make property search a hassle free experience for youngsters and bachelors.

1. Ready to share with others

This is the most convenient option for the singletons looking for an affordable rental facility in Mumbai. You can save up to 40 percent on the rent by sharing with other individuals. Though it comes with reduced privacy, it is fun proposition.

2. Negotiate on the rent

Always try your luck in negotiating on the rent by providing your full credentials and getting a backing from your family. Bag a good rental apartment property in Mumbai by asking your family or friend to accompany you during negotiation.

3. Don’t pay for pets

Rental apartments in Mumbai for singles with pets is a difficult choice. Most house owners prefer individuals who don’t have a pet, especially when it is left alone while the tenant moves out for work or shopping. You may have to pay extra for the pet living with you.

4. Get your deposit in place

The trend in Mumbai for rental properties is slightly unfavorable for tenants as far deposits are concerned. At absolutely no additional cost of maintenance from the owner, the tenant may have to shelve out 4x the month’s rent as deposit! Negotiate on the rent, and the deposit automatically comes down.

5. Search online

Use the online search options to your advantage. There are more than 1000 units available in Mumbai on an average, exclusively offering properties to the singletons. Location, price trend and brokerage are some of the factors you might want to filter before zeroing on the property of your choice in Mumbai.

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