The Best Time to Buy a Home in Bangalore

Bangalore has cemented its status as the tech city of the country. This capital of the southern state of Karnataka is one where a global culture thrives in the face of technological status, as well as an influx of experts and IT companies from around the globe. Apart from this, Bangalore is also known as the city of gardens thanks to its beautiful greenery as well as landscaped corners that dot the city’s skyline.

Rich architecture and urban quarters mark the entire city as leafy neighbourhoods are commonly found while walking around. The real estate market has understandably seen a major spike in the recent decades due to the growth of the city and its global urban status, especially in the ranges of houses for sale in Bangalore within 25 lakhs. So what is the best time to buy a piece of property in Bangalore? As per online property giant Sulekha Property, the time is now! Find out why.

Metro Line: The upcoming Metro Line that connects various quarters of the city at zip lining speed has led to a new found demand in the property market. Areas that were earlier considered as far flung like J P Nagar, Kanakpura Main Road and beyond, are now seeing a whole new revival as far as real estate goes, as the promise of connectivity due to the Metro Line is now growing. While the prices are slowly growing, it is also a wonderful avenue for investment where one can afford a good villa at reasonable prices — an investment that is bound to grow exponentially!

Airport: The new International Airport has added even more zing to the city with its gleaming modern space. The old airport and its surrounding area had reached it saturation point in the property market, but the area near the new airport is now seeing a steady rise in the property market as real estate prices are persistently growing. Investing here would be a good idea in the long run as the area is developing in a well-planned way with high end townships and projects.

Stability: The next six months are looking really good for the real estate market. The soaring prices of real estate have taken a breather so that stability and good returns on long-term investments both go hand in hand.

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