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You can’t be a great ux designer without good communication skills

UX Designers, we need to talk the talk before we walk the walk.

“Are you responsible for the failure of removing the Edit button from this interface?!”. That’s how a conversation (if I can call it that) with a colleague started a little while ago.

Normally, or a few years back, I would find myself twisting uncomfortably in my seat, looking at the other people hearing this accusation, feeling very embarrassed, and searching for a way to defend myself. “Well, yea, but… It wasn’t just my call, it was made with other people”, or even “why are you accusing me…?”

But not this time. This time, I asked my co-worker to sit down with me and talk about this decision. …



UX/UI Expert, Product strategy consultant. Aspiring to create meaningful services that can make people’s life and work a little bit easier, and even fun…

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