My mother’s day

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On mother’s day, I don’t remember the date, yet I don’t regret I am in my room just got up. My fellow roommates were busy in e-commerce sites for finding the right gifts to mothers. I got refreshed and checking my mail I found lots of promotional emails mostly with the offers on the occasion of the Mother’s day. Somewhat I got to learn that day itself the mother’s day. My roommates not yet decided about their presents for the mothers. Some of them are thinking as if they were trying to solve the Indo-Pak problem.

I went out to which I usually love when I am alone. I found many stalls selling the greeting cards and small gifts. One of my neighbour whom I happened to see was in a very confused state. When he happened to see me he just stated that I am his god sent angel asked my assistance in selecting a surprise gift to his mother. I enquired him about the price range and all while asking I happened to know he didn’t visit his house (I mean his own house which was a day journey from our city) since 6 months. When I tried to figure out why he said I am a bit too busy for that and insisted me to concentrate in assisting him to buy a gift which he will send to her mother.

After the shopping, I came back thought about my mother’s gift. I decided to let me know about this day’s origin. I came to know about Anna Jarvis and Mother’s Day International Association. Years after Anna Jarvis founded Mother’s Day, she was dining at the Tea Room at a store. She saw they were offering a “Mother’s Day Salad.” She ordered the salad and when it was served, she stood up, dumped it on the floor, left the money to pay for it, and walked out in a huff. Jarvis had lost control of the holiday she helped create, and she was crushed by her belief that commercialism was destroying Mother’s Day. 
The founder itself fought to abolish this day. It was just a right apple on my head. I stopped thinking about the gift and thought about why should be there is only a day for our beloved mother who will be there with us in every moment of our life. I ceased the task of buying a gift and went straight to the station and boarded a train for my hometown. 
By the dinner time, I reached my home I thought of giving a surprise to my mother and went back to backdoor near the dining. The site got my tears on my cheeks. 
She is serving food for my father and also kept an extra plate where I used to sit. Every now and then she is serving the plate my father is reminding her I am not present there and she still ignoring him and replying him whether I ate or not let me serve my son with his favourite dishes. 
What on earth I can present my mother except me loving her back which cannot be even a percent she loves me.

Our love & presence is the only gift we can offer to our mother. There is no one day to be called as Mother’s day.
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