Common Symptoms Of Thyroid That Go Neglected

Most often, we neglect changes in our body that are symptoms of certain diseases. One such commonly ignored health concern is thyroid. The symptoms of thyroid can be so tricky that you cannot detect the disease in its initial phases at all. Listed here are some of the common symptoms of thyroid that we neglect. Know about them and understand if you are encountering any of these recently.

Feeling sad and depressed

If you are feeling sad and depressed lately and do not locate the right cause behind it, your situation might indicate that you are suffering from a thyroid problem. Medical research and Thyroid Problem Doctor Sydney have found out that improperly functioning thyroid gland often leads to mood swings. Eventually, patients feel depressed, down and gloomy, but they fail to furnish any reason behind such mental phenomena.

Increase in body weight

You might find suddenly that you have gained considerable body weight. In most cases, we associate such increase in body weight with reasons like lack of exercise, obesity, improper food habit or something like that. As a result, the real cause, which is under functioning of thyroid often goes unnoticed. You will be surprised to know that you tend to become obese when you develop hypothyroidism in a condition when your lifestyle, dietary regime and exercise schedule remains unchanged. Therefore, do not neglect it if you find that you are gaining weight all of a sudden.

Consistently low body weight

If you remain consistently underweight, there is no reason to take pride in it that you have a perfect body. Who knows; you might be suffering from thyroid! Let us tell you that hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland remains overactive than what is required. The symptoms of such a condition manifest in the form of low body weight.

Frequent feeling of thirst

Do you feel thirsty very often? The situation might signal something much graver than the simple fact that your body needs hydration. It might indicate that you have developed thyroid and the medical condition is going absolutely unnoticed.

Extreme exhaustion and sleepiness

Do you feel sleepy even after getting a good night’s sleep of eight hours? Try to match your exhaustion with the amount of work you do every day. If you find that you do not do as much work to make you remain dead tired throughout the day then it might indicate that you are suffering from a thyroid. condition A sluggishly functioning thyroid gland often makes you feel sleepy and exhausted even though you take ample rest throughout the day to try and get rid of your tiredness. So, rush to your doctor now if you detect this symptom.

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