Women W’Lifters Are Born in UoJ…

It is another milestone to the University of Jaffna in a new Game — Women Weightlifting. An Inter University Women’s Weightlifting Tournament was announced; but it was a challengeable task to find students to such a game as it is a new sport to the University of Jaffna. One of the Missions of the International Olympic Committee is “to encourage and support the promotion of women in sport at all levels and in all structures with a view to implementing the principle of equality of men and women [Olympic Charter]. As per the above, so as to promote women in sport in the University of Jaffna, Director and instructors of the Physical Education Unit worked hard in searching for the students. Finally they were able to bring four students to the practice within a couple of days. Mr. Thirumaran was appointed as the Coach and Ms. E. Arulampalam was appointed as the Manager to the first ever University of Jaffna’s Women Weightlifting Team. Three Athletes and Coach had only two days for training and practice sessions for a tournament. It was a short period of time to the athletes as they were not aware of weightlifting; didn’t even touch the bar before. Anyway, University of Jaffna’s strength in sports is always hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

First Women Weightlifting Team, University of Jaffna

A fairly New Five Stars team moved to the very down south of Sri Lanka. Last Sunday (11 December 2016) University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka organised Inter University Women’s Invitational Weightlifting Championship -2016 in University of Ruhuna. Approximately forty athletes represented five various universities — University of Sri Jayewardenepura, University of Ruhuna, Sabaragamuwa, University of Sri Lanka, University of Jaffna and University of Kelaniya. It became the first ever women participation from the University of Jaffna for the Inter University Weightlifting Championship.

It was another fruitful result to the University of Jaffna. The IRON WOMAN of the University of Jaffna, Ms. Kavipriya won a Silver Medal under 69kg weight category. Another UoJ Lifters Ms. Prashanthi won a Bronze Medal under 48kg weight category and Ms. Moransika became the forth under 63kg weight category.

After This Historical Victory, The Iron Woman Says…

“Ratha Madam just asked me to participate in the competition. I never deny her requests and I personally felt that there will be a victory. More than that, I dared to do something for my University. I didn’t expect any placement and thought it would be just participation from my side. After this Silver Medal, I am energized to do more and feel unbounded happiness in me.

The Iron Woman — Ms. S. Kavipriya

I was told by my friends before the participation that my body weight may increase or body shape may change which gave me bit hesitation to start the training. I approached my coach, Mr. Thirumaran and he asked me to come and see at the training center. Then only I realized that there was nothing so. Many of the weightlifters were good in structure and slim in body. Also, they even practice from their school life. I had only one day training session in the University and another day to practice using a broomstick at the University of Ruhuna. So, if you have will and Power in you, you can defeat anything in your life. I also experienced from my other games that regular practice will not affect your body. I strongly encourage the youths of the University to join and make our University more proud.”

At the very first footprint, brining medals is amazing and the team made a history to the University of Jaffna. Many more congratulations to the team and role models are born in the University of Jaffna Woman Weightlifting Team to create more histories.

Article By: Sigo/Jaffnaz Roar and Editor: Amuthu