Basics of Google AdSense and its Working

What is AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising service by Google. AdSense designed particularly for publishers who want to display targeted text and image advertisements on website pages and make money when visitors view or click the particular ads.

Google AdSense

Benefits of Using AdSense:

Ads will be displayed in your web page based on any of two methods as listed below:

  1. Google AdSense will display the Ads according to the content your are posting in your blog.
  2. Google AdSense will display ads based on the cookie method (Based on User Search History)

Rules to be Followed while Creating Ads:

  1. Advertisement displayed on your web page should not exceed the content used in a page.
  2. Maximum allowed advertisement in a particular page is 2–3 with the better combination of Image and text.

Working of Google AdSense:

Google AdSense work by inserting the AdSense Code in to their webpage. This code fetch details from Google’s server. In Google Server certain keyword will be cached already and the advertisement will be displayed for those keyword based on the Google Adword.

Advertiser must have clear idea about where to place(on which page)the Advertisement for Better views for the visitor.

Steps for Creating AdSense:

  1. Create New Google Account or You can choose existing google account
  2. Fill in the Basic Details like Account Setting, Your Website Details and required language by which it need to be displayed
Google AdSense

3. After filling all the necessary information, at the final step the page will ask for a “Agree Terms & Condition” and their “Privacy Policy”. Make Sure all the check box are enabled.

4. Once Clicking on Submit Button, it will take you to review your details

5. Once you have been successfully signed up with your AdSense account, you need to fill tax information for payment and place code generated to your web page.

6. Google will send AdSense PIN that need to be added to the AdSense Account

Once all the above steps done properly, the advertisement will displayed in particular page and makes blogger (or) publisher to earn money.


Google AdSense is one of the Most Powerful tool for displaying advertisement in your blog and make money online.

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