Importance of Meta Description in Search Engine Optimization

As a whole, we have few ideas considering SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is an upcoming pattern in Internet Marketing Strategy. You can improve the click-through rates for your website with optimized title tags and meta descriptions.Meta descriptions remains an indispensable part of on page optimization that are brief descriptions which appear below the title tag of your pages on search engine Result page. Let us see in detail about Meta Description.

What is Meta Description?

A Meta description is an attribute that helps describe your page to search engines. In a simple way, we can define meta description as a concise summary of web pages.

Meta descriptions display preview snippets for a particular page, it gives a clear idea about your site’s content from the search results and allows users to click-through to your site.

Why is Meta Description Important in SEO?

A meta description can impact the choice of the searcher in the matter of whether they need to navigate on your matter from indexed lists or not. The more descriptive, alluring and applicable the description, the more probable somebody will navigate. This Meta Description can be of any length, but the search engine will truncate the words if it exceeds more than 160 characters.

Good Meta Description

  1. Meta Description must be in 150–160 characters
  2. Should be understandable and should be relevant to the content.
  3. It should contain structures content
  4. The Meta description should target to the unique keyword for each web page but make sure there should not be any keyword stuffing.
  5. Each page of your website must contain a unique description.
Meta Description

Bad Meta Description:

  1. Good Meta Description Should not Exceed more than 160 Character
  2. Irrelevant Content
  3. Keyword Duplication

Checklist for Meta Description:

  1. Use keyword in description
  2. Must be understandable
  3. Must be descriptive in such a way that one should make user or visitor clicks our site
  4. Meta Description Length of the character
  5. Use Rich Snippet


It’s not entirely clear meta description for different components, yet that is an SEO mistake you shouldn’t make. If you focus on your meta descriptions and specialty them carefully, you could discover your posts advancing up through the SERPs.