Sivitri Delphia | aka Natalie W.
1 min readAug 13, 2020


You can be…

You can be hurt but not unhappy

You can be releasing heartache whilst re-inventing yourself

You can be empowered and still be working through your shadows

You can be holy and whole as you emerge from an unhealthy situation

You can have a serious face whilst smiling on the inside

You can be young and also be wise

You can be old and be innocent;

You can be both at the same time

You can be externally free but internally caged

Imprisoned but liberated

You can find yourself and then get lost again

The spiral can turn into a line

The line into a circle

You can know but still be confused

The imperfection of it all, sacred

The sacred ordinary



Empty and full.



Sivitri Delphia | aka Natalie W.

Writing from my soul; I seek truth on the page and share my heart.