A VCbotbase to fuel the Bot Economy

At Kyber, we have been experiencing amazing growth, as enthusiastic customers use and recommend our Slack app that let their teams manage tasks, projects and meetings through conversational UI without leaving Slack. After such a positive user response and the interest shown by all the major messaging platforms, we recently decided to start raising more capital to fuel further growth and development.

So, I started compiling a list of potentially relevant investors. To make the process as efficient as possible for both parties, I specifically looked for venture firms interested in:

  • our specific market (bots, apps for messaging, infrastructure tools)
  • our current stage of company (Angel, Seed, Series A).

Building such lists is in general a very time consuming process, but in the specific case of bots it’s even more difficult as the data available is very limited. It requires a lot of extra digging to find firms and individuals interested in this very early space: you need to meet them at events or look for a blog post, for a tweet, for a previous investment, to assume some potential interest.

After spending quite some time on it, I started thinking that many other people in the bot community might be needing the same list. The community of people working on bots is pretty unique: from the Botness group on Slack to Bots group on Facebook — just to name a couple — thousands of developers, platform owners, marketeers, journalists from all over the world are being extremely extremely helpful and collaborative, sharing knowledge and experiences on a daily basis. It immediately made sense to share this list with them and save everyone’s time.

But my list currently covers only a subset of investors, those specific to the stage of my company and its type of product. And even there, after receiving inbound inquiries from firms not on my list yet, I realized that there are way more investors interested in this space than those I had originally found.

So why not try to build a database as comprehensive as possible of potential investors in bots — i.e. a “VCbotbase”- and share it with the bot community? Why not collect the relevant information about venture firms interested in bots through a survey, leveraging the power of our community to distribute such survey?

The survey I came up with is very short (less than 3 minutes) and is targeted to angels, seed and Series A firms.
 As an investor, by entering your areas of interest and information, you will start getting targeted bot deal flow. You will also be able to indicate how you prefer to be contacted:

  • directly by publishing your email (bot companies will look at your profile and contact you as appropriate)
  • with a weekly digest email with deals matching the areas of interest you indicated (bot companies will fill an analogous survey and automatically matched)
  • through an introduction from a mutual connection (bot companies will have to find the connection)

If you are not an investor, but knows of firms that might be interested or have done investments in this area, feel free to enter even partial information. You can also help by sharing the survey on your social media of choice and click on the 💚 below to help this post spread on Medium.

So get started with the survey and as we say at Kyber… let’s make this happen!

Originally published at kyber.me on December 15, 2016.

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