“K I Get Uber”
M.G. Siegler

You are describing contextual messaging, something we have been working for a while with Kyber (currently in beta on iOS and Slack). In Kyber we avoid the creepiness of the background parsing, by letting you decide which piece of information you want us to collect to enable all those seamless integrations.

On iOS, we do that by leveraging emojis. You would start by sending “hey, do you want to have 👥 drinks🕥 7:30 PM📍Press Club” to your wife and both calendars will be checked for availability and updated; your wife would see in the message a map for Press Club (vs. just a name to be manually mapped for the address) and could propose a new time with “I’m late, let’s do 🕥 7:45 PM” updating again calendars (we call it “conversational calendar”); a notification will be sent at the right time to both: it can be swiped to call Uber or get driving directions, passing all the information — only the ones you decided Kyber to parse, like Press Club— to those apps (for now still external, but we will embed them soon), exactly like you suggested. The app automates many other common workflows like task delegation (the app adds a layer of productivity on top of messaging), and that’s why Slack is an excellent use case for Kyber (there we also built a fully native project management).

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