This is Why you Failed doing something you wanted to do

We all have what we wanna accomplish in our life. Most of them need dedication and time. Making a plan and transform it in to a habit is one of the best strategy you can do. Here is where I’m going to share my own failure and how I will overcome it.

It’s been almost a year since I last wrote the blog. At that time, I wrote only one blog about User Experience design which the main reason I started doing so was to build my profile for the better career opportunities.

But things had changed so fast that I stopped doing it right after the first try. This is what I think the reason why I stopped blogging.

First, I didn’t have a clear plan. This is one of the most common causes why people can’t do what they are committed to do. My plan were just blogging. That’s it. Nothing like the place, the time, the frequency existed.

Second, I made it too hard. If you wanna create a habit. Start it from the easiest thing you can do for sure. For example, if you wanna reading books everyday. you can start from just at least one page per day or even one line per day. Choose the action that you think you can definitely do and keep doing that for a couple of day to make sure that you accomplish it everyday. Then you can increase the difficulty. The takeaway here is, don’t underestimate the power of laziness and the power of appreciation from accomplishment.

So I came up with a plan to be successful for this time. Firstly, I need a clear plan. I will write a blog every Sunday (frequency) afternoon (time) at the coffee shop close to my home (place). Second, to make it easy, I will plan about what to write over the week so that I don’t have to struggle thinking about it too much on Sunday. Moreover, I will start from writing something easy whatever I can think of. It doesn’t need to be an exact topic like User Experience design.

Good news is this technique can be applied to every area not just blogging. Lastly, if you have any suggestions that you think I can use to improve my next writing. Please feel free to tell me, I will appreciate it. :)