The ideas behind SIX SEVEN

SIX SEVEN is a photography magazine aimed to encourage student photographers to think beyond the image.

Photography has never been more accessible. In the modern world, image-making has become almost a daily ritual. It is more than just taking the photograph, it’s part of modern-day social interaction.

Along with this came revolutionary improvements on hardware and software. Making beautiful photographs gets easier everyday for everyone. Often, the word ‘beautiful’ has become synonymous to ‘common’ and ‘dull’.

So we are launching SIX SEVEN. We want to encourage student photographers to take interesting and unique photographs — images that you have thought deeper about, that are personal and intimate and speaks to the viewer about (a part of) who you are.

We will mainly feature ‘stories’, or ‘projects’ in the theme of your choice — images that will work in synergy together to deliver a powerful message. By sharing these projects online and in print, we hope that SIX SEVEN will become a platform for creative student photographers to exchange perspectives and cultures.

Your images can be made using any equipment — we want to get to know you, not the quality of your camera.

Finally, as we are just launching, our team is small and we are therefore only open for submissions from students who are currently attending Cambridge University and Anglia-Ruskin University or those who have graduated within the last 5 years.

We look forward to seeing your work.

Written by Qiuying Lai, student photographer at Cambridge University and co-editor of this year’s SIX SEVEN.

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