Men’s Fashion Tips For The Tall Man

That is why we started Six 8 Clothing Company, clothes designed for the tall man 6’4” and up.

At Six 8 Clothing Company we continue to put out new styles, new options, colors and more to stay on trend with your average men’s clothing store. Men these days are also very much deliberate towards their look for the day whether it’s for a party or a board meeting.

And this is the reason why so many men’s clothing stores have evolved in the market. These stores are exclusively built for men so that they can get their desired apparel as per their unique style quotient. From accessories to shoes, a man can get all that they desire from these clothing stores. But one thing about these stores that mostly haunts the men is the huge collection of products. The wide range and varied prices often confuse people and they end up picking the wrong product or the wrong size.

Therefore there are certain tips that you must keep in your mind so as to get the perfect fitting clothes while you go on a treasure hunt for new threads.

  • Perfect fit: the drastic change that apparel can bring in your style comes from the route of perfect fit. Most men wear clothes that are larger than their actual size. Therefore you need to make sure that the clothes you are trying are hugging you and going exactly with your body shape without being too tight. At Six 8 Clothing Company, our jeans deliberately have wider pockets and bigger zipper pulls to accommodate those with bigger hands; our shirts have longer sleeves and bigger buttons to accommodate those with longer arms and bigger fingers.
  • Go simple: casual looks are always trending. So, if you want a wardrobe that looks great on you, go for simple clothes. Don’t wear three pieces of jeweler or three contrasting colors together unless you are performing in a band. If you want to look a star in the simplest way, dark jeans with a black shirt and a white blazer will surely give you the look you desire. You can also seek the help of a dressy belt and the sharpest dress shoes to add to your style.
  • Find a store you can trust. Six 8 Clothing Company is part of the Better Business Bureau, we securely take payments with SSL certificates and do not store any of your private information.
  • Shoes: do invest on a superb pair of shoes as it is one of the main things that a woman first notices in the man. Men usually take good care of their dresses but forget to look down at the condition of their shoes. Prove that you are a man of good taste by getting a great pair of shoes and keeping them in pristine condition.
  • Detailing: never underestimate the power of detailing. The last things noticed can even create or destroy your first impressions. Therefore, do consider the minute details which may include a scarf, pocket square, tie knot, and as such.
  • Disregard trends: you need not go along with the trend if you feel discomfort. Always prefer those clothes that fit well and make you feel good. Most people run after the trend and end up purchasing a basket full of clothes that they don’t wear.

You can find all that you need from men’s clothing store. All you need to do is keep your eyes open and your fashion sense awake to get the perfect attire that makes all the girls go gaga over you.