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You and I really aren’t that different. Sure, we might look slightly different, we probably have different ancestral histories, I pronounce it “care-a-mel” and you pronounce it “carmel”, you might like the movie while I prefer the book — but in general, we human animals are all pretty close the the same. At least when it comes to our evolutionary biology.

How we are wired

Essentially what I am getting at here is that we humans have been wired the same way for tens of thousands of years. …

How you start your day determines your energy, mood, and more.

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Our daily schedules have gone completely sideways lately. well-worn routines have gone out the window, and most people have struggled with the weirdness of having both too much to do and absolutely nothing to do all at the same time.

But our morning routines, how we start our day, has such a profound impact on how we feel, what we accomplish, and how we “show up” in a day. Pandemic or not, getting locked in to an active, intentional routine every morning will set the tone for the rest of your day.

Honestly, it’s a choice you make: Are you…

Everything is going to be different.

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Remember the days when we used to eat meals together, in public places, surrounded on all sides by people we don’t know? Remember when we used to go to work in office buildings, have in-person meetings, in a room, inside a building, rather than on video conference? Or those times many would gather together, whether for a religious service, cultural festival, or a concert? It feels like ages ago that we did any of that. And yet…

In the course of just north of 14 days, we have gone from dining in restaurants and commuting to work to sheltering-in-place and…

Paleo? Keto? Vegan? Carnivore? Doesn’t matter.

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Stop calling it a “Diet”

Simply put, a “diet” is just what you eat every day. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. It doesn’t need a label, or strict caloric restrictions, a smartphone app, or cheat days. Your “diet” is everything you choose to feed your body with every day. It either nourishes you, or it makes you sick.

All of these “diets” we go on every year? They are designed for failure. They are often frustratingly difficult to comply with, they usually restrict one whole food group or another, and most of the time leave…

Less bad does not equal fixed

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Before we start hurling rocks at each other, let’s start with what we all agree on, shall we?

Industrial agriculture, in ALL of its forms, including Confined Animal Feeding Operations, genetically modified monoculture crops such as corn, and soy, and our practices of coating everything with pesticides and herbicides is having a devastating effect on our planet’s environment.

I think we can all agree that removing one aspect of an ecosystem (e.g. …

Joel Brown

Dad, partner, home cook, amateur gardener, word Jedi. I love learning about ways to be well, new ways to move, and generally how to make myself healthier.

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