SDChain Q&A

On October 13, 2018, SDChain community had some questions and concerns regarding the technology and the development progress. Questions were collected and answered by David Pan, Chief Executive Officer of SDChain.

Q:Is there an increased public promotion campaign in the works, or will SDA only be aiming for adoption?

A:Yes, there will be more public promotion campaigns. SDChain needs to walk on 2 legs: The SDChain Co-Chain product line is targeting enterprises for adoption and the promotion method is B2B focused. SDChain Node Plan is our key method of involving the existing SDA community and new SDA holders to work on the SDChain Battle Camp program together.

Q:Will SDA be leveraging ISO contacts to spread its adoption?

A:Yes, we have been working on this top-down approach since the launch of SDChain. Now that our product has reached MainNet stage, we will be working more closely with our ISO contacts.

Q:SDA recently met with IOTA and ITC in Taiwan, is there any upcoming collaboration planned?

A:There are discussions taking place privately and we will make further announcements when plans are formed.

Q:The 16 companies who joined the co-chain strategy camp. what kind of operator will they be? Enterprise level operator, advanced co-chain operator, or even super- co-chain operator?

A:While we welcome most businesses to become Enterprise level operators, Advanced and Super Co-Chain Operators are chosen carefully by SDChain Alliance, as the latter two operator levels have the rights to issue unlimited SDChain network tokens. That being said, 9 out of 16 companies enrolled in the Co-Chain Strategy Camp, are aiming to become Enterprise level operators, with upgrade paths to Advanced or Super Co-Chain Operators in the future. 1 of them, ShengDu Commune is working on colleting 10M SDA to become an Advanced Co-Chain Operator. The other 6 companies are Resellers and System Integrators of Enterprise Co-Chain product line, accelerating enterprises to adopt SDChain technology.

Q:When will token swap completely be done? Meaning when are you contacting exchanges to perform the swap? You always said it’s up to the exchanges. But I do believe it’s up to you to perform this as fast as possible otherwise people think this swap has been failed and MainNet is not alive

A:First of all, we appreciate the hard work that some of our exchange partners are putting in place to help with the token swaps. As engineering resources are becoming bottlenecks for many exchanges, the progress is slower than expected. As reported in our Weekly Reports, CoinW and OKEx are working with us closely on the swap. CoinW is likely to announce publicly the completion of the token swap any day now. Other exchanges that we work with are also lining up their engineering resources to perform the swap.

Second, we have realized that unless there is a strong interest from SDA community to swap their tokens, our exchange partners, with their needs for transaction volume would prioritize engineering resources accordingly. So we are starting SDChain Battle Camp program to encourage SDA community to perform their token swaps as soon as possible, to ensure that there is a high demand for native SDA. As already taking place, CoinW is receiving significantly more trading volume, as they are completing their SDA token swap. Here, I’d like to send a message to our other exchange partners to consider completing SDA swaps ASAP.

Third, SDA holders have the ability to swap from ERC-20 SDA to SDChain SDA on their own easily ( you do not need to wait for our exchange partners.

Q:What are you planning to stimulate western community, especially the Canadian one?

A:We believe that SDChain needs strong Western leaders to lead the next phase of our community globalization. Hence, SDChain Battle Camp Program becomes our key way of reaching out to SDA holders and SDChain community leaders worldwide, to meet and nurture the next generation of leaders at SDChain. Through this Program, we want to send a clear message across, that SDChain belongs to anyone who is interested to make SDChain better every day, and be rewarded accordingly.

Q:Mayor of Seoul plans 100 Million Funds, for Seoul to become a smart city. Have you already any arrangements with Korean companies?

A:We are exploring how we could do more with Korean community. We are very lucky to have friends and Alliance partners like Uunio in Korea, and we plan to do more.

Q:IoTeX, IOTA, Atonomi, CPChain are all in Trusted IoT Alliance. Is SDChain planning to join such an alliance?

A:We welcome new partnerships. At the present, SDChain is busy on-boarding many new Co-Chain operator candidates, working with our existing and new exchange partners on SDA swaps, as well as ramping up our SDA Battle Camps. We would be interested to explore this opportunity further.

Q:You allocated 20% of SDA for Canada investment reserve and Canada community operation business. Have you already planned on concrete actions in this regard?

A:We have started with the registration of SDChain Alliance in Toronto earlier this year to launch B2B part of enterprise and government engagements. Special thanks to Richard Zhou, Chairman of SDChain Alliance, who has made various visits with government officials in Canada, to promote SDChain’s technology. The next step would be for us to utilize SDChain Battle Camp Program to involve SDA holders and Co-Chain Strategy Camp to involve for enterprises in our community.

Thank you.

David Pan

CEO, SDChain