Weekly Update(2018.11.06)

Weekly Update(2018.11.06)

Community Updates

The China Blockchain Digital Economy Association was Established and SDChain was Invited to join the Association

The SDChain was invited to participate in the “China Blockchain Digital Economy Association” initiated by industry peers from China and Taiwan.

The China Blockchain Digital Economy Association is a non-profit organization, exploring the application of blockchain technology, the impact on society, economy, culture and technology. Members come from blockchain-related industries and traditional industries seeking to learn more about blockchain.

Speech at Tainan Rotary Club

SDChain was invited to speak at the Rotary Club of Tainan, Taiwan, with the theme: IoT and blockchain applications.

Taiwan has numerous industrial and agriculture company factories located in South Taiwan with Tainan as one of the key southern cities. The Rotary members who participated at the event are mostly local enterprise owners in Tainan. They are very interested in how the blockchain is applied to their own enterprises. SDChain was invited to deliver a keynote, discussing the possibility of applying Co-Chain to their enterprise needs.

Dr. Jie Shen was Invited to Participate in the 2018 Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence Technology Application Conference

On the afternoon of October 31, Dr. Shen Jie was invited to participate in the 2018 Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence Technology Application Conference sponsored by SK FOUNDATION and Fireball Finance, shared the theme of “Myriads of Connected Things — Blockchain and IoT” .

Dr. Jie Shen analyzed the problems currently encountered in the Internet of Things industry, integrating the blockchain into the Internet of Things, and how to solve the problem of data trust and credit system establishment. He shared his views on the current transformation of the real economy business model. The digital economy will gain more social recognition, and the IoT, blockchain and tokenomics will be the main force of the future business model. “The Internet is a dirt road that needs to be turned into a highway with a blockchain to ignite the engine of the digital economy.”

During the meeting, the opening ceremony of the New Retail Industry Blockchain Application Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences was held.

Based on the new retail ecosystem, SDChain and SKChain will further promote the ecological cooperation of Co-Chain.

Two Media Partners Join the SDChain Battle Camp

The SDChain battle camp welcomes two media partners to join:

CoinVoice is a high-end blockchain investor and industrial media company.

Wonderlinks is an advertising strategy company based in Shanghai.

Development Updates


1. Fixed code for error level found in SDChain-Matrix static code detection.

2. Completed the process of SDChain-Matrix original currency and secondary asset exchange transaction signature process, signature algorithm and process documentation.

3. Complete the process of combining the SDChain-Matrix original currency and secondary asset (tokens issued on SDChain, other than SDA) exchange transaction signature and documenting the signature algorithm and process.


4. Completed the prototype design of SDChain-Wallet’s new registration and password confirmation.

5, Tested SDChain-Wallet: information, quotes, passwords, error locks and registration passwords, feedback bugs.

6, Optimized for confirmation of new passwords when registering.

7. Increased the number of input limits when optimizing password entry.

8. Enhanced the function of locking the wallet when the SDChain-Wallet password is entered incorrectly, the secondary confirmation of the registration password, and the interface design of the graphic verification code.


9. Completed the final test of the SD-Holographic and published it: https://holographic.sdchain.io

10. Fixed an error display issue with some characters in the Memo section.

11. Fixed data duplication in the transaction record history.


12, Fixed an SDChain-api-js issue where an unknown exception caused the program to stop.


13, Added the functions of transactions validate and state.

14. Completed the signature and submission feature for one-to-many bulk transfers.


15. Supported SDA token swap activities.

16. Completed the review and revision of the Simplified Chinese version of the SDChain Developers developer site.

Plans for next week


1. Optimize the SDChain-Matrix cryptography security architecture framework.

2. Fix SDChain-Matrix to analyze the code warning level found in static code detection.

3. Fix a bug where the SDChain-Matrix balance was insufficient and the fee was calculated and charged when the transaction failed.


4. Test the new version of the upcoming release.

5. Optimize the SDChain-Wallet UI interface iteration.

6. Revise the registration system for SDChain wallet.


7. Continue to support SDA swaps.

8. Start SDA mapping for Hyperpay and Bitopro exchanges.

9. Complete the translation and review of the English and Traditional Chinese versions of SDChain Developers, and release the developer system.