Weekly Update (2019.04.02)

Community updates

1. Simple demonstration of transferring money to the Memo exchange

Recently, members of the community have begun to transfer money from their wallets to exchanges, and this raises questions. OKEx has a simple demonstration that clarifies this procedure.

1. The remittance address is in the third column “Transaction Address” of the figure. The exchange provides two ways to obtain the “Transaction Address” — duplication and two-dimensional code scanning.

2. In the first column of the SD-Wallet Transaction Screen, “Wallet Location”, write: 6JxsnV7TQQTh1urxjvzeVtdUFYeLbc7F6V

3. The second column “Memo” of the figure provides a number: for example, 132597

In the third column of the SD-Wallet Transaction screen, “Add Notes”, write the number: for example, 132597

An SDA transaction needs a deposit address and SDA Memo. The Memo is a digital string that guarantees the uniqueness of your deposit address. It appears in pairs with the deposit address and corresponds one by one.

Please be sure to follow the correct SDA transaction steps and enter complete information when transferring money, otherwise you will lose money!

2. SDChain Official Information Releases Notice of Migration to BiShiJie

Due to the operational change of the SDChain public number, it has been decided to temporarily suspend the original Wechat public number.

To further disseminate information and enhance the influence of this information, the SDChain Alliance has established strategic cooperation with BiSiJie. In future, all kinds of official information will be published on the SDChain homepage of BiSiJie.

BiSiJie SDChain link: https://I.bishijie.com/home/SDA/dynamic

SDChain Alliance will also improve the publishing of SD-Wallet information windows by increasing its publishing channels.

Development progress


1. Tested the SDChain-Matrix fusion file uplink functional node environment to deploy the automation script by one key.

2. Completed the SDChain-Matrix framework design for NFT heterogeneous assets supporting ERC721 standard.

3. Optimized support of the SDChain-Matrix RocksDB database testing tool for binary BloB value.


4. Completed SDChain-Wallet instructions.

5. Completed the first draft of SDChain-Wallet asset exchange prototype design.

6. Supported SDChain-Wallet internationalization: simplified Chinese, English and traditional Chinese

7. Improved the UI design by modifying the interface details: asset and wallet management interfaces.


8. Completed the SDChain-Holographic international copyright revision.

9. Completed browser upgrade development.

10. Completed UI style modification: SDChain-Holographic header style.


11. Supported the SDA convertibility of ERC-20.

Next week’s plan


1. Complete the functional design and interface definition of NFT heterogeneous assets in the SDChain-Matrix ERC721 standard.

2. Complete the definition of key data structures of NFT heterogeneous assets in the SDChain-Matrix ERC721 standard and the calculation of related data index.

3. Complete the outline design document of NFT heterogeneous assets in the SDChain-Matrix ERC721 standard.


4. Test the new version of the SDChain-Wallet.


5. Complete the browser version upgrade test.


6. Continue to support the SDA convertibility of ERC-20.