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Speaking thoughtfully about a subject is rarely possible when it’s new. I’d like to tell you that’s why I’ve waited until now, but that’s not the case. It’s more like COVID-19 paralyzed me. I refused to write about it and despised almost everyone who thought they had something unique or valuable to offer — even though I know it’s best to assume good intent.

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After weeks of adjusting to change, I feel the charcoal storm clouds have lifted from over me. There are breaks of sun, even if the days seem short and downpours are imminent. I feel like doing more than checking the news, streaming content, and drinking to turn down my mind’s restless chatter. …

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Do you find it comical when people diminish those they envy? It’s very common, but it happens all the time in health and fitness.

Even if people understand that serious effort is being made, it’s discounted as that person being vain or having too much time on their hands.

But how do people have any idea? Do you follow her 24/7 watching everything she eats (or doesn’t)? Do you record her workouts or each time she takes the stairs in lieu of an elevator? Do you know her sleep schedule? If so, you’re a goddamn stalker. …

If you’re a believer in what can be accomplished when you’re truly focused, I highly recommend setting a focus routine — something I learned about in Leo Babauta’s Mindful Focus Course.

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While your preferences may vary (just do what works for you), I thought I’d share my personal focus routine to hold myself accountable and inspire you to try it out.

  1. Clear space
  2. Gather anything you need
  3. Put away phone
  4. If working digitally, close out anything unnecessary
  5. Put on headphones
  6. Start timer and go

I’ll save you the whys of each step I chose, but I do recommend writing down your steps on a pad of paper or some post-its as a reminder.

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Let me know how it goes and what steps you choose!


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