KWPN-NA 2016 Report from the Road

Bucyrus, Kansas

August 27, 2016
Olympia Equine Ventures - Bucyrus, Kansas
Hosts: Larry & Kathy Childs
Jury: Bart Henstra , Arie Hamoen

Our first stop of the 2016 KWPN-NA Keuring tour started in Kansas. Our hosts, Larry and Kathy Childs provided us with a pleasant and comfortable keuring. This keuring started well with good foals on top.

High score Jumper type was the Goodtimes colt, Last Chapter (Goodtimes x Nirvana Ster Preferent by Fleming); Owner/ Breeder: Larry & Kathy Childs of Crooked Post Farm) . This well muscled colt had a good topline and lots of expression. He is very correctly built. His powerful canter impressed the judges with very good balance and suspension. He could easily lengthen and shorten his stride in canter. His trot was also expressive and active. He scored and 75 for his conformation and 85 for movement.

The three-year-old PROK certified mare Imalottie SPF (Zavall VDL x Ulottie by Goodtimes; Owner: Maefield Farms, Breeder: Six Pound Farm) received her star predicate today due to her carefulness and good overview in jumping. She could be longer lined, but has a correct stance of legs. Her canter is active with sufficient length of stride, she has an upward take off and shows good bascule and technique in jumping.

Imalottie SPF also scored a 77.5 in the Claybrook Farms Cup.

The class of dressage foals was led by the colt Luca (Franklin x Zancerre PROK by Sir Sinclair; Owner: Miller Stables, Breeder: C.H.I. Huisinga-Terlouw). 
This colt is elegant with nice front end and uphill in movement. In trot and canter he has an expressive use of the front leg and shows a lot of uphill tendency.

Second place was the long lined Lancashire CPF (Chagall D&R x Giverny by Uphill; O/B: Larry & Kathy Childs of Crooked Post Farm ). 
The trot is active with a very good leg technique, the canter was lightfooted but could be more supple.

List of 1st Premiums

Jumper 3 YO Mares- Studbook/Ster
#15 Imalottie SPF PROK (Zavall VDL x Goodtimes) 70 / 75, Ster

Imalottie SPF, Photo © Merrick Studios

Jumper Foals:
#3 Last Chapter (Goodtimes x Fleming) 75 / 85
#2 Lucent Noir HH (Indoctro x Animo’s Hallo) 71 / 74

Last Chapter, Photo © Merrick Studios
Lucent Noir HH, Photo © Merrick Studios

Dressage Foals:
#16 Luca (Franklin x Zancerre PROK (s. Sir Sinclair) 76 / 78
#7 Lancashire CPF (Chagall D&R x Giverny (s. Uphill) 74 / 76

Luca, Photo by Larry Childs
Lancashire CPF, © Merrick Studios

Claybrook Farms Cup, 3YO:
#15 Imalottie SPF Ster PROK (Zavall VDL x Goodtimes) 77.5

**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse. 
Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**

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Photographs courteousy of Merrick Studios, used with permission.
Proofs available on their website,