KWPN-NA 2016 Report from the Road

Photo © Victoria DeMore Photography

Reddick, FL…

August 28, 2016
Pennock Point Sport Horses
Host: Sandi Lieb
Jury: Bart Henstra , Arie Hamoen

Photo © Victoria DeMore Photography

A nice breeze under the covered arena at Sandi Lieb’s Pennock Point site in Florida made for a pleasant Keuring for participants and the horses.

High score Jumper was the foal La Cubana Azul S (Zirocco Blue VDL x Havana Van Het Kunselhof by Cassini II; Owner/Breeder: Sakura Hill Farm). This well developed filly has a modern jumping type with strong connections in the topline. She is supple and lightfooted. In her canter, she shows power and good length of stride. Scoring 80 for conformation and 76 for movement she earned the highest score of the day.

The longlined hunter mare Farandola Ster PROK (Navarone x Tarantella by Idocus; O/B: Sandi Lieb) earned her Elite predicate today by passing the Hunter IBOP with 76 points. This elegant mare showed a good overview on the fences and has a big strided canter with good balance.

High score adult Dressage horse earned the 8 year old De Nada Sport-DR (Johnson x Krishna Ster Pref Sport-DR by Flemmingh; Owner: Gwen Poulin, Breeder: Monica Drohm). This mare resembles her sire Johnson with an expressive front end, good leg technique and uphill tendency. She already has her sport predicate, because she competes at Prix St. George level. Today she earned her Keur predicate with 75 points for conformation.

High score young Dressage horse went to the two year old Jura YF (Totilas x Finale by Furst Heinrich; O/B: Judith Yancey). This well muscled and long lined mare is supple and powerful in her movement earning scores of 76 across the board for conformation and movement.

The tall gelding Improv (UB40 x Zodica Elite Sport- DR by Rousseau; O/B: Sandi Lieb) recieved his ster predicate. This big framed horse has good leg technique in movement.

List of 1st Premiums

Jumper Foals:

#20 La Cubana Azul S (Zirocco Blue x Cassini II) 80 / 76
#21 Luna Fortuna (Valentino x Sluggard XX) 72 / 74
#22 Le Condoctro Z (Contifax x Indoctro) 70 / 70

La Cubana Azul S, Photo © Victoria DeMore Photography

Hunter Foals:

#25 Life’s Grand RYU (Grand Cru x Alla Czar) 72 / 70

Life’s Grand RYU, Photo © Victoria DeMore Photography

Jumper Yearlings:
#29 Kassiopeia S (Ahorn x Diamont Rouge II) 68 / 72

Jumper Two Year Olds:
#32 Juliette- Nikki S (Carrera VDL x Ulysses M2S) 68 / 73

Dressage Two Year Olds:
#30 Jura YF (Totilas x Furst Heinrich) 76 / 76

Jura YF, Photo © Victoria DeMore Photography

Dressage 3 Year Old Geldings- Studbook/Ster:
#34 Improv (UB40 x Rousseau) 70 / 75, Ster

Hunter 4–7 YO Mares- Studbook/Ster:
#43 Farandola Ster PROK(Navarone) IBOP 76, Elite

Farandola, Photo © Victoria DeMore Photography

Dressage 8 YR and older mares- Studbook/Ster:
#36 DeNada Sport-DR (Johnson x Flemmingh)Elite

DeNada, © Victoria DeMore Photography

Jumper IBOP:
#38 Hatari PROK (Consul x Ferro) IBOP 75.5

Hatari & Farandola, Photo © Victoria DeMore Photography

Claybrook Farms Cup, 4YO:
#38 Hatari PROK (Consul x Ferro) 75

Host Sandi Lieb & Bart Henstra , photo ©Victoria DeMore Photography
Jury Members Arie Hamoen & Bart Henstra giving IBOP guidance, photo ©Victoria DeMore Photography
Success! , photo © Victoria DeMore Photography

**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse.
Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**

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Photographs courteousy of Victoria DeMore, used with permission.
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