KWPN-NA 2016 Report from the Road

Rockwall, TX…

August 30, 2016
Black Star Sport Horses
Host: Lisa Blackmon
Jury: Bart Henstra , Arie Hamoen

At the Keuring in Texas, hosted by the large and well equipped facility of Black Star Sport Horses, the Harness horses earned the top scores of the day. The new Keur eligible mare Isabelle (Ditisem x Didane Ster by Manno); Owner/ Breeder: Douwe Plantinga of Pleasant Hill Farm) has a modern harness horse type. She has a long, vertical neck and correct body. Isabella has a powerful walk and trot, with good articulation of her joints. She showed good reach in her frontleg. Isabella earned the high score ribbon for adult horses.

Highest score of the young horses and highest score of the day was given to the supple Harness filly Lotte (Governor x Charisma Keur by Vaandrager HBC; O/B: Douwe Plantinga). She impressed judges and audience with her fantastic trot. She is very expressive and adjustable in the gait.

Several mares were presented in the IBOP. Highest score in IBOP was earned the Register A mare, Epic Dream (Escudo II x Davinia by Davignon; Owner: Lisa Blackmon). Epic Dream showed an active and powerful canter with a lot of ability for collection. In her trot, she showed good technique in the legs with sufficient length of stride. She showed Ster quality, but needs to fulfill additional requirements to earn the ster predicate.

The mare Gissella (Rousseau x Francheska by Frohwind; Owner/Breeder: Joanne Gramlich) also passed her IBOP. Her walk is especially good; active with good length of stride and very clear in the extended and collected walk. In trot and canter she showed sufficient posture and suppleness. Gissela earned her ster predicate today and also earned the high score ribbon for the adult Dressage horses.

List of 1st Premiums

Harness Foals:
#71 Lotte (Governor) 78 / 82

Harness 3YO Mares- Studbook/Ster:
#72 Isabella (Ditisem) 75 / 75, Ster Keur E.

Dressage 4–7 YO Mares- Studbook/Ster:
#78 Gissella (Rousseau) 70 / 75, Ster

IBOP Dressage:
#74 Epic Dream (Escudo II) IBOP 76
#78 Gissella (Rousseau) IBOP 75

**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse.
Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**

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Photographs courtesy of Caitlin Demura, used with permission.
Proofs available on her website;