KWPN-NA Report from the Road

Hanford, CA …

September 9 & 10 , 2016 
DG Bar Ranch
Hosts: Willy Arts 
Jury: Bart Henstra , Harrie Derks

Photo © Tamara with the Camera

The great hospitality and all the entries in the riding classes makes the DG Bar Keuring very pleasant and informative.

High score ribbon for adult dressage horse and high score Keuring was for the uphill built and very elegant mare Ivy League (Bordeaux x Renate by Sambertino; Owner/ Breeder: Gundi Younger, Eagle Point Equestrian). In all her gaits she is supple and shows uphill tendency. She is light footed and very rideable. Scoring a 75 for conformation and 80,5 in her IBOP she earned her keur predicate at the first day of this keuring.

Indea KS PROK (Charmeur x Thea KS Keur Sport-Dr by Idocus Crown; Owner/ Breeder: Janice Kissel) got her elite predicate. This tall and longlined mare has lots of expression and a very well developed wither and long sloping shoulder. Especially her canter is powerful and well balanced with good length of stride. Indea KS PROK earned 80 for conformation and 77 in her IBOP.

The studbook mare Geneva COF (Jazz Preferent x Vienna-DG by Contango Preferent; Owner: Ellen Corob, Breeder: Patience Patchet) was upgraded to Ster. This modern and elegant dressage mare has a good topline and she showed good leg technique. Her canter is uphill with sufficient length of stride.

The stallion Hollywood PROK (Rock Forever x Natasja Elite Preferent Prestatie by Bachus; Owner: DG Bar Breeders, Breeder: N.W.J. Krol) was presented for stallion approval. This well muscled stallion could be longer lined and be build more uphill. His canter is balanced and powerful, in trot he shows good length of stride, but could be quicker in the use of his hindleg. With 70 for conformation and 75,5 in his IBOP, Hollywood earned his Ster predicate today.

Three foals were selected for the championship round. 
The longlined and well developed filly Lyric DG (El Capone x Woodwind Elite by Contester; Owner: DG Bar Breeders & Natalie Bryant, Breeder: DG Bar Breeders) won the class. Her dam is the powerful, elite mare Woodwind. Lyric DG is very correct and has an expressive forehand with good wither and long shoulder. She is light footed and also has power in her trot and canter, with good reach. Her balanced gaits earned her a 77 for conformation and movement, Lyric DG is placed 4th in the top five so far.

Second placed was the well proportioned elegant colt Legend DG (Rock Forever x Darcy CL Keur by Jazz Preferent; O/B: DG Bar Breeders). This colt has an athletic body and is very balanced in his canter. His trot shows good suspension, with sufficient power from behind.

Third placed was the colt L Primo DG (Bordeaux x Satina Ster Preferent by Contango Preferent; O/B: DG Bar Breeders). This longlined foal has a vertical, long neck and a very long withers. His sloping croup shows sufficient length. In movement he is light footed with good reach, but could be more athletic in his body use.

The riding classes at the DG Bar Keuring are as usual large with good quality horses and riders. 7 horses were presented in the IBOP and 20 were presented in the DG Bar cup.

Besides Ivy League, Indea KS and Hollywood, the light footed Ravel daughter Genie, the very rideable gelding F.J. Ramzes (Juventes) and the powerful mare Honey (Charmeur) succeeded in their IBOP.

The 3y old DG bar cup was won by the Totilas daughter Inaya NSN (Totilas x Bosanova NSN Elite by Ferro Preferent; Owner: Sandra Harper, Breeder: Martha Haley) with a total score of 80,5. This very supple and rideable mare is well balanced and has three good gaits with suspension and power. Remarkable is her easiness and her very good connection with the bridle.

Second placed was the high score Bordeaux mare Ivy League. This uphill mare is also very consistent and rideable, earning a 78,5.

Also earning a 78,5 was the talented Itolimbria DG (Totilas x Valeska-DG Elite by Krack C; O/B: DG Bar Breeders). She showed powerful gaits and uphill tendency. Today she could be more focused on her rider.

Fourth placed was the new Elite mare Indea KS, she scored a 77 with her powerful and balanced canter.

The highest score at the DG bar cup was for the 4 year old gelding Habanero CWS (Idocus Crown x Caliente DG Elite by OO Seven Keur; Owner: Craig Stanley, Breeder: Brenda Linman & Craig Stanley). This gelding out of the elite mare Caliente showed a great rideability. A very steady and supple performance with very good balance and uphill tendency. He scored an 84,5 with a 9 for submission.

Second was for the stallion Hollywood. This stallion has a powerful canter and good rideability. His total score was 75,5.

Third place was earned the mare Honey (Charmeur x Narcisse Ster by Taxateur; Owner: Jeannette Mitchell, Breeder: Chelsey Sibley) Her good use of her hindleg in walk and canter got her a total score of 75.

The 5–6 year old was won by the licensed stallion Gaspard de la Nuit DG (Ravel x Ceolieta Elite Sport-Dr by Sir Donnerhall; Owner: DG Bar Breeders & Four Winds Farm, Breeder: DG Bar Breeders). This stallion has a active walk and a well balanced canter with good posture. He is very submissive and well educated. Earning a total score of 77,5. 
The second placed gelding F. J. Ramzes (Juventus x J. Rambiance Ster by Rampal Crown; Owner: Wendy Sasser, Breeder: Cornell University) is also very submissive and shows a powerful canter, and has good posture in trot. His walk could be longer strided, total score of 75,5.

Third place was earned by Genie PROK (Ravel x Uniekdorijke Ster Keur -E, by Jazz Preferent; Owner: Roberta Raymond, Breeder: A.H.T.M. Broek), this light footed mare has uphill tendency with sufficient power. (Total score 75)

The 7–8 year old DG bar cup was won by Escobar Ster Prok IBOP-Dr (Vivaldi Keur x Festival by Sandro Hit; Owner: Gundi Younger, Breeder: DG Bar Breeders). This long lined gelding is supple and has sufficient engagement in trot. His canter is easy to collect and has good reach. Escobar is confirmed in his exercises and scored a total of 77,5.

The only jumper being presented did well in the CBF cup. Ivelien DG (Contefino x Evelien DG Ster PROK by Mr. Blue Keur); O/B: DG Bar Breeders) is a careful and scopey mare. She has a quick take off, shows good bascule and opens really well in her haunches. The athletic Ivelien DG scored a 80,5 in the CBF cup for 3y old jumpers.

List of 1st Premiums

Dressage Foals: 
#353 Lyric DG (El Capone x Contester) 77 / 77 
#361 Legend DG (Rock Forever x Jazz) 77 / 74 
#360 L Primo DG (Bordeaux x Contango) 74 / 74 
#363 Lexington AJB (Ampere x Devon Heir) 68 / 80 
#351 Lady Grenat (Gaspard de la Nuit x UB40) 70 / 78 
#352 Lalique SGS (Belissimo M x Krack C) 75 / 70 
#356 Layla EP (Vitalis x Sir Sinclair) 72 / 72 
#350 Lucy (Gaspard de la Nuit x Cortus) 74 / 68 
#355 Linda (Gaspard de la Nuit x Numero Uno) 70 / 70 
#362 Leo DG (Gaspard de la Nuit x Contango) 70 / 70

Lyric DG, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Legend DG, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
L Primo DG, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Lexington AJB, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Lady Grenat, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Lalique SGS, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Layla EP, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Lucy, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Linda, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Leo DG, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

Dressage Yearlings: 
#366 Kialoa (UB40 x Zeoliet) 72 / 73

Kialoa, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

Stb/Ster Mares 3 YO Dressage: 
#370 Ivy League (Bordeaux x Sambertino) 75 / 85, Keur 
#371 Indea KS (Charmeur x Idocus) 80 / 80, Elite

Ivy League, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Indea KS, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

Stb/Ster Mares 4–7 YO Dressage: 
#372 Geneva COF (Jazz x Contango) 70 / 75, Ster

Geneva COF, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

Approval for Stallions, 3 and Older Dressage: 
#376 Hollywood (Rock Forever x Bachus) 70 / 75, Ster

Hollywood, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

IBOP Dressage: 
#370 Ivy League (Bordeaux x Sambertino) 80,5 
#371 Indea KS (Charmeur x Idocus) 77 
#376 Hollywood (Rock Forever x Bachus) 75,5 
#389 F.J. Ramzes (Juventus x Rampal) 75,5 
#374 Genie PROK (Ravel x Jazz) 75,5 
#369 Honey (Charmeur x Taxateur) 75

F.J. Ramzes, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Genie, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Honey, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

DG Bar Cups:

3y old: 
#378 Inaya NSN (Totilas x Ferro) 80,5 
#370 Ivy Leaque (Bordeaux x Sambertino) 78,5 
#377 Itolimbria (Totilas x Krack C) 78,5 
#371 Indea KS (Charmeur x Idocus) 77 
#380 I M Star Lord (Sagnol x Farewell III) 70,5

Inaya NSN, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Itolimbria, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
I M Star Lord, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

4y old: 
#384 Habanero CWS (Idocus x OO7) 84,5 
#376 Hollywood (Rock Forever x Bachus) 75,5 
#369 Honey (Charmeur x Taxateur) 75 
#398 Happy M (Alexandro P x Haarlem) 74 
#382 Hanalea KS PROK (Devon Heir x Idocus) 71,5 
#397 Hifive MG (Schroeder x Goodtimes) 71

Habanero CWS, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Happy M, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Hanalea KS, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Hifive MG, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

5/6 year old: 
#385 Gaspard de la Nuit (Ravel x Sir Donnerhall) 77,5 
#389 FJ Ramzes (Juventus x Rampal) 75,5 
#374 Genie (Ravel x Jazz) 75,5

Gaspard de la Nuit, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

7/8 year old: 
#390 Escobar (Vivaldi x Sandro Hit) 77,5

Escobar, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

Claybrook Farms Cup 3 year old: 
#393 Ivelien DG (Contefino x Mr. Blue) 80,5

Ivelien DG, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Jury Members, Bart Henstra & Harrie Derks, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Host Willy Arts & Young KWPN in training, Photo © Tamara with the Camera
Young KWPN’ers in training, Photo © Tamara with the Camera

Photographs courtesy of Tamara with the Camera, used with permission.
Proofs available online, please visit her website,

**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse.
Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**

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