Why you should be a morning person

David Tate
Aug 11, 2015 · 2 min read

You look at your life and you wonder: “Why can’t I seem to get the things I want?” also “Who ate all these Cheetos I mean there was an entire damn bag here yesterday?”.

The reason you don’t get the things that you want is that you aren’t getting up early enough to get them.

Scientific Research

People who wake up early are better than people who wake up later in the day.

According to a recent survey authored by USA Today and double-checked by the science team at Buzzfeed morning people are up to 31% better than afternoon people at the three key aspects of modern life: relationships, mobile phone usage, and video game-play.

Many famous people are early risers. According to a recent google search for “important people that get up early” the following conclusions were found:

  • Vladimir Putin gets up at 3:30 AM to workout and then eats a smoothie made of things you don’t want to know about.
  • All current, former, and future presidents are awake right now in a metaphysical sense because once somebody paints you it’s like you never die.
  • Walt Disney would awake moments after falling asleep and use the mornings to write down all the dreams he had most of which were really gross.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci slept only on Catholic holidays, and he has a teenage mutant ninja turtle named after him (and it’s one of the cooler ones — the one that eats gluten-free pizza).
Looking at Apple hardware from above means productivity.

Changes you need to make right now or else

So how do you get up earlier? By following my three-step approach without questioning it:

  1. Better alarm clock game.
  2. Habits and stuff.
  3. Motivation, yes.

Send your body, mind, and kidneys into overdrive with a loud noise to awaken you. Engage your lizard brain to protect yourself from predators. If you start each day with a mild panic already this also helps.

Science has shown that the power of habit is super-powerful according to both research and researchers. A not-recent study said that it takes 30 days to become a master at talking about a new habit at parties in a consistent way. Read at least 30 books on habit before getting started in developing one.

Motivation matters too. Motivation can be defined as “wanting to do something non-sexual really bad”. You should get more of it probably.

Closing remarks

When you wake up early make sure not to work on anything important, but instead just meditate on how much better you are than everyone who has ever lived. Then it’s time to sit down and write a blog post about how getting up early is the best way for other people to live their life.

David Tate

Written by

I am writing a book about the art of working from home, find out more here: http://bit.ly/2ePlc8a

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