Sunday morning lifelist.

I don’t like the term bucket list, it feels like a preparation to die. I am just getting started. I made a nice hot cup of coffee and let my mind barf out all of the things I need to get done.

Design Skateboard Decks

Design Album covers

Make a gig poster for a show at the Metro

Have a booth at Flatstock

Have a booth at PAX

Work in a cool office with pinball machines.

Make a video game.

Record an album and see it in a record store.

Go to Japan.

Make a movie.

Write and draw a comic book.

Host a Late Night style talk show.

Have a food blog.

Own a hot dog restaurant.

Drive around the country with an airstream.

Move to a new city.

Help my kids follow their passions in life.

Make other’s lives better.

Leave the Earth better than when I came.

Drive a fast car.

Get rid of all my possessions and live minimal.

Help creative people make ideas reality.

Have a solo show.

Design shoes.

Spend a week with no electronics.

Make toys.