Commerce IQ — April 5, 2018

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Daniela Forte from Multichannel Merchant says over half of people shop online to compare prices. Find out how much e-commerce is growing, why customers abandon carts and how important free shipping is to customers in “The Ever-Evolving State of Ecommerce.”

B2B Digital Commerce

Chris Pemberton from Gartner says the basic requirements of an e-commerce website include a product catalog, content management, mobile interfaces and integration with digital marketing platforms. Find out the foundational, advanced and innovative requirements of a website and how to select the best platform to meet your company goals in “Select the Right Digital Commerce Platform.”

PYMNTS shares a predicament B2B payments distributors face: Should technology be used to make paper checks less friction-filled or should it be used to entice businesses away from the paper check altogether? Find out what the experts say in “Rethinking Checks’ Role In B2B Payments Friction.”

Ling Wong from Apruve says customers are willing to pay more and buy more when a company offers a great customer experience. Wong says CX will continue to drive e-commerce success. Find out more 2018 e-commerce trends in “Top B2B Ecommerce Trends of 2018.”

Sana Commerce explains how manufacturing departments are keeping up with e-commerce. Find out the four key elements of agile manufacturing that help businesses meet growing customer expectations timely and effectively in “How E-Commerce Supports Agile and Lean Manufacturing.”

User Experience

Goran Paunovic from ArtVersion Interactive says digital commerce deepened the customer-brand relationship. It’s now more important than ever for businesses to be approachable and consistent. Find out how to build a great customer-brand relationship in the digital age in The Digital Evolution: Disrupting And Elevating The Relationship Between Brand And Consumer.”

Special Guest App Founder Kristopher Jones says you can increase mobile engagement by prioritizing speed, scaling down content and using push notifications. Find out how to do these and more in “7 ways to increase mobile engagement.”

Carrie Cousins from Design Shack shares how to help users gain information just by a glance. She suggests thinking minimally. Keep your navigation simple with only a handful of options and make conversion materials (such as charts or forms) easily accessible at all times. Find out more design tips in 7 Tips for Creating a Time-Saving Design for Users.”

Angelica Valentine from Wiser Solutions suggests unifying great customer experience on and offline. For example, your online catalog should note when an item will be back in stock, both online and in a store nearby. Find out other ways to provide a unified customer experience in “Unified commerce ends the online versus brick and mortar war.”

Brett Grossfeld from Zendesk shares a few things to consider when implementing live chat. Determine when in the buying process you should offer live chat to a customer and who initiates the chat (the customer or a representative). Find out what you should ask yourself before offering live chat in “How a great customer experience comes from chat support.”

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