Top 10 Extensions For Magento Stores to Boost Performance And Sales

One of those platforms is Magento and the proof that this platform is in fact that good is the fact that many beginners who want to open their own ecommerce store use it, but on the other hand, this platform is also used by big companies such as Samsung.

One of the reasons why Magento is so popular is that it gives its users a lot of extensions they can use to improve their overall performance and make more money. Today, we will mention the 10 best extensions that can help your ecommerce store.

1) Trashcan

A lot of people unintentionally delete some products in their store. When you have thousands of products, it can be difficult to upload all the details and sometimes these products get deleted because of the default settings.

This extension adds a recycle bin to your admin interface where you will be able to browse deleted products and restore them to your store whenever you want quickly and easily.

2) Image Zoom

The more your are able to bring customers closer to your products, the more you will be able sell. In this case, I mean this literally, as image zoom allows the customers browsing your online store to zoom into your products and look at them better. Sometimes, this could be the difference between someone buying or not.

3) Social Network Integration

Any store needs social media to promote its brand and attract new potential customers. However, through social media, you can also boost direct sales. With these social network integrations, you will be able to make the most out of each customer engagement and boost your sales.

4) Smart Checkout

Long checkouts are sale killers. Additionally, a lot of people today browse online stores through mobile devices and people are simply used to having smarter checkouts. All of the complex steps will be streamlined and done for customers automatically.

5) CreareSEO

Although Magento is SEO optimized and it allows you to improve your performance, there is always room for more. This extension gives you valuable tools that can help you find duplicate content, remove unwanted pages and optimize your SEO much better so that people can find your store and possibly buy something.

6) Blog extension — aheadWorks

Adding a blog to your store can allow you to increase traffic and build a greater audience that can later result in more sales. This is what all businesses do on a regular basis and, if you want to be able to do this, you should use this blog extension.

7) Zopim Chat

A lot of people are used to being able to talk to someone about products before they decide whether or not they should buy something. In many cases, people also have a couple of questions they would like answered and this is what live chat allows you to do. When help people learn about your products and you point them in the right direction, you will be able to increase sales.

8) Banner Slider

Banners drive traffic that can boost sales. The Banner Slider Extension will provide a brand new banner on top of the page featuring a slideshow. In this banner slideshow, you will be able to add 6 images. By including appealing and relevant products, customers might get interested in them and browse them.

9) Daily Deals

The amount of buyers can increase drastically through flash sales and this is how you can exponentially grow your sales. This extension lets you showcase special products for a certain day, offer deals, and notify people about the next 24 hours. These kinds of deals can give great results with potential customers.

10) Amasty Full Page Cache

Website speed is a very important factor in ecommerce. If a potential customer lands on your store and it takes him or her too long to open a page, chances are that the person will leave and never come back again. Caching is one of the best ways to speed up your store and, with this plugin, you will get a full-page cache. With better experience, the chances of making sales are greater as well.

These are our top 10 extensions for Magento stores. Which are your favorites? If you have experienced great results with other extensions that can benefit Magento site owners then feel free to share with us so that we can list them.

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