Bet Advisor -Staking Plans

How much to stake in sports betting? The answer is in this article, explaining the staking plans and finding the best solution for your bankroll.

How much to bet on each sport’s pick depends on the staking plan you decide to choose:

· Fixed Staking Plans

· Variable Staking Plans

Fixed Staking Plans

The Fixed staking plans are very easy and simple for every bettor around the world, including beginners and recreational gamblers. The two main aspects of the fixed staking plans are the percentage and the level of wagering.

Choosing the right level staking, represents that you should wager the exact same amount for every bet. The amount you set for spending must be a reasonable for your entire bankroll budget, that you are not afraid to risk. The staking level is, in most cases, maximum 5% of your bankroll. Often, it may be even lower than 2%, to minimize the money loss and gain more long-term profit. The majority of bettors, placing professional wagers, set their staking level to 2% or less.

Take a look in the example below:

Fixed Staking Plan Example:

With a monthly budget of $1000 and lower risking preferences, a bettor chooses to wager $10 to every single bet he places, which is only 1% of his total bankroll. He stakes $10 on every bet, and must retire, if he loses all the $1000 to be risk-free of losing the control over his money.

Even better option for sports betting gamblers is when they reset periodically the size of their stakes when using the level staking plan. It is therefore advisable to readjust the size of your stakes periodically when using a level staking plan.

Fixed Staking Plan Updates Example:

A bankroll of $1,000 is chosen by a sports punter, with a 2% wagering level. His starting bet will be $20. His upcoming wagers should be equal to 2% of the remaining bankroll amount. If the remaining sum is $500, for example, this means that the stake must be $10.

The level wagering is one of the best solutions for effective bankroll management.

Variable Staking Strategy

The variable staking plans are difficult, and are applied, mainly, by betting advisors and professional wagers’ experts. Almost every gambler heard about the points and the Kelly Criterion betting strategies. The amount of each betting sum in the variable staking plans is also based on the total bankroll, with the difference that it varies depending on certain options such as probability level or possible winnings.

The Kelly Criterion formula to calculate the amount of your wagers:

(bp — q) / b = f

· b– the multiple of the winning we may get

· p — winning probability

· q — losing probability

· f –bankroll staking percentage

The huge importance of bankroll management in sport betting by setting limits is crucial, if you want to earn money from any sportsbook. If not applied properly, a bad bankroll management may lead to serious cash loss, and even gambling problems. We would like to point your attention to the bet wisely, and to risk smart for a long-term profit from your favorite betting on sports. Be disciplined and stick to your staking plan. Always practice good bankroll management.