My Team

We know products by its founders. But behind every great product is a team. Today, I want to share who is behind DevTernity.

Jovche Mitrejchevski

Serious Jovche at DevTernity 2016

Andrey (@codingandrey) & Jelena Adamovich

Andrey is a tech consultant, so am I. Andrey is a trainer, so am I. Andrey is a conference speaker, so am I. The list is never-ending. We even launched DevTube together!

Andrey is one the most competent tech people I have ever met. That says it all.

Jelena is responsible for food, catering, pre- and after-party. Thanks to Jelena, you can enjoy fresh and tasty food. No baguettes made of stone.

Andrey (front) and Jelena (behind Andrey)

Ilaha Hajiyeva

When things get cloudy, Ilaha is the sun ☀️😎

Ilaha and the serial speaker

Alex Nazaroff (@nazarff)

Alex, I am eager to learn more about you, man! Hope we’ll fix this at the conference’s afterparty. 😀🍺

Darja Krizska-Popova

Also, Darja handles media partner communication. And printing. And everything. 😀

Darja at DevTernity 2017

Artjoms Haleckis, Romans Karpelcevs and Ilya Alesker

Roman (left), Artjom (center), Ilya (right) on DevTernity 2015

Janis Cimbulis (@_cimbis)

I personally like Janis’ no bull shiitake way of thinking. Amazing person.

Janis at DevTernity 2017

Vitaly Sekunov

Vitaly is amazing dude to hang out with. Seriously. Seems like I made a good friend.

Captain Vitaly Sekunov

Leondis Maslovs

Leo (left) handling the registrations, DevTernity 2016

Inta & Albert Bushinsky

From sticker to graffiti stencil design, we rely on Inta…

Alberts & Inta @ DevTernity 2017

We started DevTernity without a designer. Then came Inta and we quickly realised that we — developers, are not the best designers. So we decided to focus on code and let Inta handle UX and graphical design. Just look how our logo reached minimalism over years:

DevTernity logo evolution (2015–2017)

Did I miss someone?

… who is in your team?



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Eduards Sizovs

Software developer, trainer, the founder of DevTernity conference and DevTube video hub