After a long day of my boss taking his frustrations out on me, finding out I didn’t pass the test I studied very hard for, finding out someone stole my identity and coming home to unexplainable chaos….. I am fortunate enough to remember two very relevant and valuable pieces of information. One: I’m alive. Two: I am loved.

Not everyone will make it to see the end of today… God willing, I will not only be able to live out the rest of today, but be able to see tomorrow. Not everyone in this world will fall asleep knowing they are loved. I can rest my head easy knowing I have genuine love and support in my life.

In reflection of my day, I realize the stresses I faced are minuscule to the pain and suffering the world is feeling. These recognitions are not to diminish my problems… I’m certain any one person’s problems are incomparable to the problems of a world. It’s just a nice reminder to myself that I not only survived today, but I learned, I loved and I surrendered to situations that are out of my hands.

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