How to Secure Your Website Visitors With SSL

ssl https digital certificates
google chrome 56 http not secure
google chrome 56 http not secure

What is SSL and HTTPS?

https ssl secure connection
http unsecure connection

How Can You Add SSL / HTTPS to Your Website?

Enter Let’s Encrypt Free Certificates

lets encrypt top sponsors

How I Added SSL / HTTPS To My Website?

What You Get With This Free WPX Hosting Feature

  • Wasting HOURS on buying and successfully installing a single SSL is no longer necessary
  • NEVER pay for another SSL certificate again
  • You do NOT need to fill in any CSRs to enable SSLs
  • And you do NOT ever need to manually renew your Lets Encrypt SSL certificates which expire every 3 months by default as they have fully AUTOMATED your SSL renewals.

Additional Considerations

Adjust your Google Analytics settings for SSL in Webmaster tools

google analytics webmaster tools view property
google analytics webmaster tools property

Google Search Console Modifications

  1. Create a new property for HTTPS e.g.,
  2. Submit your sitemap (with HTTPS)
  3. Fetch as Google your new HTTPS URL, e.g.,

Configure your CDN for HTTPS

To Sum Up

  • Secure connections are established between visitors and your website
  • Potential customers will better perceive the trust level of your site
  • Your site will become eCommerce ready
  • Your Member’s area is protected
  • Your website gets a Ranking boost — SEO
  • Encrypted Websites Protect Our Privacy and are Significantly Faster



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