I struggled tremendously with goal achievement and forward progress throughout my undergraduate life. I thought of myself as low on trait conscientiousness; a natural ability which defines your capacity for hard work.

I thought I was destined to lead a disorganized and chaotic life.

I came to a cross-road of sorts: Figure out how to fix this or be left in the dust by my peers. The latter was not an option for me, so I set to work at solving personal growth.

Below, I detail a few realizations that have helped me along the way and the system that…

The proverbial mountain of self-improvement — credits: @leni_eleni

Many lessons can be taken from leading organizations when it comes to growth.

Top companies invest heavily in tracking metrics that expand the bottom line; most click and keyboard events are captured, everything is a/b tested.

The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads — Jeff Hammerbacher

They’ve reduced the problem of expansion to setting metrics that drive growth and then systematically moving those numbers.

Growth for individuals however has not become so sophisticated. …

Sibtain Jafferi

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