Little Art to Bloom

Being a six year old Spanish child was hard but being a six year old Spanish artist child was even harder. I had face a lot of obstacles one being english. In my household, my parent were very strict hispanic parents who thought that my art work was a waste of time. Even they were proud of all of my little work. They only saw it as a hobby not a passion to live off of. When I would tell them I wanted to be an artist when I grow up, they would tell me that I need to stop dreaming a foolish dream. I knew they only wanted something better me: a better life then what they’ve had. But let me remind you I was only six years old. They wanted me to be realistic except that wasn’t the case as I grow up. Half of the time my parents misunderstood me but I guess thats okay for now.

Being different was a good thing.

In elementary, I’d always look forward for my class trip to the art room. It was the only thing that I really went to school for. My passion for art grow more and more everyday. Mr. Adicmic was the one person to inspire me to be an artist. When he had the chance to talk to me in class, once everyone was work he would encourage me to follow my passion because one day I would being something I love for the rest of my life. He would tell me that my work was very unique. My teachers started to notice that I would not pay attention to the class lesson but instead be drawing in my notebook. Now because of me not listening in class to the lesson, when I got home my parent would be upset with me. They did not seem to understand why I was not paying attention but just between you and I, my teachers sucked at teaching. In the end I pulled my act together for my parents sake.

By the time I was in the fifth grade, I had been one of the most talented students at my school. My art work had gotten me prizes and recognition as an art student. I believe it was a great way to open my dreams with my best friends. Dalton and Jasmine both knew I wanted to be an artist so for every birthday I had, they would buy me a new sketch book to draw in. I knew my friends wanted me to be happy drawing away my soul.

Sketching is hard but with time you become better at it.

My middle school life was a bit tough. As I tried to get my art pieces out for them to be known, had other problems and they were other students that had more talent them me. Yet I didn’t let that stop me from showing off and getting the recognition I deserved. At time I would hear they students whisper behind my back and say my art was incredible. It was about in the seventh grade where I realize that ceramics was my specialty. I loved molded in the clay and being about to glaze in anyway I wanted. Every time I would work with clay, I create a playlist for myself. The beat of the music helped me focus on the clay. With each beat I heard, my hands created my master pieces until i was finished it. “Monster” by Lady Gaga was my number one song to get to because the beat was catchy and my hands would follow the beat.

Inspire me create my art piece.

In High school, things got bad and art was my go to when I was in a chill, stress out, or pissed off mood. Most of my teachers would let me leave their class to go to the ceramics room to work on my clay. It allowed me to express myself when words could not begin to cover the emotions I was feeling. There were days were I would be in the ceramics room all day, just work on clay. During my four years of high school, I was placed in advanced art classes. My ceramics teacher Ms.Cooper wanted me to take AP art my junior year but my mind was not in the right place at the time.

After the storm that came in my life, I tried to make sure I would get most of my electives art classes because it was all I wanted to do. I wanted to get all the time and passion I had lost for my mistake. My jester was my biggest pride. It had gotten First place above all the other ceramics classes.

First Place in all classes.

Once high school was over and I had graduated, left a piece of me was broken. I never thought it was going to hurt graduating. That meant I was walking in the real world soon. Yet I knew in college, I would make something out of myself and I had to admit I was a bit scared. Who knows I might even become a art teacher later on in life. I have come to realize art is everything we do whether we see it or not. Just got to keep the passion going.

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