Small Press Publishing for Profit, Part 1A: ‘The Fix’
Jamie McGarry

Jamie, let me start by saying how much I love this series about small press publishing. I’m a big fan of small presses and what they do - small presses are always the ones who publish the best books, the most interesting titles, the ones the big publishers wouldn’t touch with somebody else’s bargepole.

One thing I wanted to ask, is what you think about the issue of ‘discoverability’? For somebody to seek out a book on Amazon, or order it in a bookshop, they already have to know about it. In small press publishing, where you maybe don’t have the ‘shop window’ of your book just being in a bookshop for somebody to discover, or being recommended by Amazon’s algorithm to be ‘recommended’ to somebody, how do you spread the word about your books? And do you feel that not having the ‘shop window’ affects you in any way - or do you manage fine as you are?

Thanks again for this series & I look forward to the next installment.

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