Losing the War on Drugs
Truman Project

So many of you that promote the idea that an ‘intent-laden’ crime is o.k.; as long as it’s ‘non-violent’. Quite a number of ‘violent crime’ convictions do not have intent attached to them. They were situations that esculated; NOT someone flipping-out one day and unmercifully beating some unsuspecting stranger to mush! NOT the case; in most cases. But we, as a country, have bought into the ‘hype’. “I broke the law- WITH INTENT- but AT LEAST I didn’t ‘hurt’ anyone”. OH STOP!! Ever heard of ‘Mens Rhea’ little man?! The problem is our ‘knee jerk’ reaction toward the ‘emergency call’ (sometimes it’s an emotionally escalated situation- that has lost all perspective). The police are SUPPOSED to be level-headed and smart enough to make a judgement call; or, standard- they arrest everyone that is called-on and let the courts parse it out (because the state fears ‘liability’- regardless of guilt or innocence). Which actually NEVER happens- because Due Process has been traded for Plea Deals (especially for the Publically Defended). Far to0 many people, who don’t know what’s actually going on, seem to have something to say about this subject. It’s almost become trite. But it’s VERY serious for those who’ve been directly involved.

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