Things that make ya go “hmmm”

Bill Clinton passed the crime bill of 1994- that really helped to propel this whole over-encarceration issue in the U.S., and was quoted as saying “If you work hard and play by the rules, you should be given a chance to go as far as your God-given ability will take you.” Which ushered in the increased scutiny of criminal records (even old spent misdemeanors). 
Oh- and there was the ‘Patriot Act’ in 2001. Bush Jr. helped this whole thing along. Bill just ‘picked-up’ the baton and ran w/ it (so did Obama- but that’s another story for a another day). 
If you notice, job applications no longer say “have you ever been convicted of a felony?” They say “have you ever been convicted of a crime?” now. This is a more recent development. They’ve also highlighted the ‘due diligence’ laws in employment. Once upon a time, you could move on beyond a misdemeanor. Not so much the case any more. 
Ironic really- in that Bill had ties to the Contra incident, cocaine ‘coincidences’, a suspiciously increasing body count, and mashing on women who didn’t ‘sign on’ for it. Oh- and he didn’t inhale either. They’ve both taken campaign monies from ‘for profit prisons’. Bill even increased funding for increased patrols and prisons. 
Do you realize that we have more laws, individual regulations, policing bodies, surveillance, monetarily incentised arrests/convictions, diminishing due process rights, routine entrapment- that no one bats an eye at, and gutted habeus corpus- thanks to Bill, and more people in jails and prisons- than any country in the world?! Guess when that incarceration trend really took off?
SO- all of this from a ‘criminal’ who no one had the cajones to arrest. Kind of like Cosby. When someone’s rich and powerful enough, ‘narking’ on them might not be in your own best interest. Too big to fail indeed! But, as a citizen in this great nation of ours- steal a can of corn, as a homeless person trying to eat, and see if you ‘ever work in this town again’??!! Wake up people! If it were any more ‘up close and personal’- it would be sitting on your face.