Trent, because you seem to like informing people about these bubbles we're all in, let me inform…
Sarah Rosenberg

Why don’t you let ‘minorities’ speak for themselves. That is why we live in a democracy (for now- to the detriment of EVERYONE). I, for one, am tired of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement hijacking the ‘Criminal Justice Reform Movement’ (and there is one- made up of ALL races). The issue of criminal justice reform is national issue- and if you researched the it, you too would be educated. As little as 5–10% of the accused ever see their day in court- it’s called ‘Due Process’. They’ve traded ‘Due Process’ for convenience and economics- in the way of Plea Deals. Which, on the surface, sounds like a great idea. However- consider that the plea deal, while cutting deals for really bad crimes, spells doom for petty crimes- and puts a concerning number of innocent Americans in jail. White Americans actually get A LOT more DUI’s, per capita, than minorities. DUI’s also disenfranchise people- in the way of countless career opportunities. They’re also highly demonized- whether someone was injured or not (and usually ‘not’). But we’ve gotten so good at hyper-reaction and condemnation. We see victims around every corner. Once upon a time they asked potential employees if they had a Felony- on most job applications. Now they ask them if they’ve been convicted of ANY crime- like DUI’s. And they’ve been doing that for some time now. So, you see, the ‘establishment’ IS trying to level the playing field (even if it’s not entirely fair). Which reminds me- one of the biggest scholarships a college student can get is the NSF-STEM Scholarship. And it’s considered a minority scholarship- to increase the number of African Americans and Latinos in the ‘sciences’. Try being informed.