There are many areas in which increasingly-capable artificial intelligence (AI) will not be a panacea for the moral challenges ahead. Indeed, an increasingly-capable AI may present further challenges, when considering human values, that are best resolved prior to this increase in capabilities.

A common quip in economics holds that an…

I have the great pleasure of working as Chief of Staff at the Partnership on AI, a nonprofit dedicated to ethical AI use at many of our partner organizations (groups such as Google, the ACLU, etc).

This week I had the great pleasure of meeting DJ Patil, Chief Data Scientist of the Obama Administration and former Chief Scientist at LinkedIn. Below is my summary and light analysis of his talk (ppt slides here), which covered data science broadly (though I found quite relatable to AI ethics).

Most of my musings on Medium relate to AI and what we may expect from the future — but I want to take a break from those topics to celebrate an important accomplishment: I finally achieved a perfect week in the New York Times crossword!

It won’t be a ‘perfect month’, given my non-completion of the first Saturday and my non-attempt of the first Sunday, but the week is perfect indeed

This is a goal I’ve…

Even two years ago this ride may have posed a challenge — ride-share coverage in Westchester, summer 2016, was spotty at best — but on this night there was little difficulty: The driver arrived at my relative’s home outside New York City, pulled up directions via Waze, and we were…

As 2017 winds to a close, I thought it might be useful to document some of my favorite books of the year. Below are a few recommendations from this past year’s reading, broken down roughly across a few categories, with further detail and recommendations beneath the first list.

I mostly ‘read’ my books via Audible … but I do miss amassing a stack of completed books

Books about the growth of particular technologies or figures

Empires of…

Magnus Carlsen is the world’s highest-rated chess player, and he doesn’t spend all day playing chess. What role does that play in his success?

Magnus Carlsen, 27, is the highest-rated (human) chess player of all-time and has been world chess champion since 2013. His first championship victory is captured in the very-enjoyable Magnus, now available on Netflix everywhere.

Magnus, as one might expect, puts in hours of deliberate practice in trying to become the…

This post is part of, a challenge to design an online strategy game and the AI to master it. Play the latest version of the game here.

I’m proud to say that my AI is now live, and it plays a pretty capable game of Churr-Purr — if I do say so myself.

Its gameplay is far from perfect, and a person who understands how it plays could likely exploit its tendencies over time. …

This post is part of, a challenge to design an online strategy game and the AI to master it. Play the latest version of the game here.

I suppose this post should really be called “the value of line-by-line debugging”, but sometimes it’s more fun to give a sensational title.

Amid tonight’s confluence of Election Day and a strong desire to watch Shark Tank (don’t hate — Mark Cuban’s a fun personality), I nearly didn’t put in…

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I work at the intersection of AI, ethics, and business strategy; thoughts are my own.

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