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7 or 8.

I came here to write fiction. I’ve done a lot of that, not always the way I intended; and I’ve done other stuff too that I didn’t anticipate. I also found other writers, different kinds of writers, people, community, friends. I didn’t expect that at all. It was a revelation. Some of those I’ve most enjoyed write less than they used to, and some have stopped altogether or gone away. That’s saddening when it happens, just as it is IRL (and, hint hint, joyful when they return. Hint).

I try to keep up with everyone I’ve admired, and replace those who disappear. I don’t always manage it. I sometimes give up. There’s a lot of rubbish to wade through or ignore (as there is in any field); and there’s the fundamental problem that I don’t believe what I (we) like about Medium is what Medium thinks is important. I’d be happy to buy the green ring if I thought it would improve my experience, but the evidence (anecdotal, unscientific) suggests that if Medium were richer my experience, from my point of view, would get worse.

It’s possible that, were I to engage more with current writers, I’d see less dross in my feed. That may be how I got where I am. OTOH there are only so many hours in a day.

And OTOOH, here you are rallying us all to a cause again, making us think. Thanks for the nudge.