Good luck with that little pile of crushed ice. Ice dispenser or hammer?
Gail Boenning

Full confession: it’s not even mine. Someone sent me the pic, years ago. We got about twelve flakes today and I remembered it.

I guess the temperatures you get over there explain why you’ve stuck with Farenheit. 6 still feels positive, it’s what we’d call -20. Our attitude to that would be about the same as yours would be to your -20. 6 here (50ish to you) is quite cold enough. It’s about 3/38 now but dry with lots of windchill.

Sorry about the phone and truck (which I had thought was going for good, must have misread, so differently sorry about that). I could tell you a long involved story about Close Family Member’s phone being supposedly stolen on Wednesday from a secure locker, panic panic, turned up today in the next locker along. But I won’t, security y’know. How did you get rescued?

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